Finnish Parks To Change Your Imagination About Nature

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Finland is a marvelous country. We have prepared the 3 national Finnish parks that must be visited.

Nuuksio National Park


For lovers of one-day trips, we suggest getting out to the Nuuksio National Park to enjoy the lake landscapes. This is the closest national park to Helsinki, located on the border of the oak forest zone and the southern zone of boreal forests on an area of 53 km2. The landscape here is amazing: picturesque valleys and gorges that arose during the Ice Age, rocky hills covered with lichen and pine forest. The height of some hills reaches 110 meters.

The word “nuuksio”, by the way, is similar to the word “swan” in the Sami language. Probably, the park got its name due to the fact that there are more than 80 lakes and ponds in it, where long-necked birds live. In addition to swans, larks, black grouse and woodpeckers live here. There are even flying squirrels the emblem of the park is decorated with the image of this very nimble animal.

Walking through the park is not difficult, some routes are suitable for walking with children and even strollers. There is also wheelchair access to the areas of Haukkalampi Park, Kattila, and Haltia.

Bicycles and horseback riding are also allowed in the national park. You can rent a boat, kayak, or SUP board, and fishing is allowed in the local lakes.

Koli National Park


The park, spread over an area of 30 km2, is named after the Koli Mountains, which are the remains of the ancient Karelian mountain range. As a result of tectonic processes that took place almost 2 billion years ago, quartzite rocks arose here, which can be seen both “alive” and on the emblem of the national park.

Residents and guests of Suomi are also attracted by Lake Pielinen (the fourth largest in Finland), the maximum depth of which exceeds 60 meters. On its banks, among other things, you can find unusual boulder fields.

There are a lot of rocks in Koli. The highest fells in all of southern Finland are Ukko-Koli (347 m), Akka-Koli (339 m), and Paha-Koli (334 m). From here, amazing views of Lake Pielinen and its islands, as well as the surrounding forests, open up. According to legend, the composer Jean Sibelius was so fascinated by these landscapes that he asked to drag his piano to the top of the mountain. They say that this is how his famous fourth symphony appeared.

National Park Urho Kekkonen


The park, named after the former president and prime minister of Finland, is located in the northeastern part of the country, adjacent to the border with Russia in the Murmansk region. Its area is 2.5 thousand km2.

The main feature of this place is the unique nature of Lapland. Mountains and virgin pine forests, impenetrable swamps, and tundra forests. You lower your gaze below – mosses and ferns, thickets of lingonberries and blueberries, the earth covered with heather, reindeer moss, and mushrooms.

And many different animals also live here. If you are unlikely to see a bear, wolverine, lynx, or wolf, then smaller animals, including foxes, hares, martens, and ermines, are almost certain. You may even be lucky enough to pet a deer. And on the emblem of the national park, by the way, a golden eagle is depicted. There are also a lot of them here.