FFXIV Valentione’s Day: Rewards and Guide

FFXIV’s annual Valentione’s Day Event is officially underway! Fans can look forward to cute decorations, free rewards, and more.

Romance is in the air, and ‘tis the season of love in Eorzea! What better way to get in the mood than with Final Fantasy XIV’s Valentione’s Day Event? It’s a celebration of the real-world Valentine’s Day and FFXIV is sharing its love through the Valentione’s Day (yes, that’s the way it’s spelled) Event which features a short but romantic quest and free rewards such as FF14 Gil for those who participate. You are love’s humblest servant, and you’re the only one up to the task to help Lisette! Check out our guide about how to finish the quests and nab all the rewards down below!

General Overview of Valentione’s Day

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There’s a rich history of holiday themed events and celebrations across all MMORPGs since Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies and FFXIV is no different. From the Moonfire Faire, to Heavensturn, Little Ladies’ Day, Hatching-Tide, The Make it Rain Campaign, The Rising, All Saints’ Wake (RIP), and Starlight Celebration, there are no shortage of events and season activities based on real world holidays. I do wonder why all of these in-game holidays tend to match up with the dates from their corresponding holiday in the real world, but I digress. Arguably, FFXIV has the biggest range of season festivities this side of WoW. While FFXIV can’t exactly compete with WoW as far as the richness of offerings, Square Enix certainly gives it their best shot. This Valentione’s Day, players can expect to earn a Postmoogle Barding and a Valentione Mobile for all their romantic and lovey-dovey needs.

Valentione’s Day is a time of celebration where Eorzeans honor the life of Count Arabelle de Valentione, a high lady of Ishgard, who risked it all in pursuit of an all-consuming and pure love and struck out against her life of cosseted detachment in search of a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Years after the countess’s passing, this tradition was established among the Ishgardians. Every year during Valentione’s Day, they would strive to emulate her passion and bravery by plucking up their courage and bestowing a token of love upon the source of their affections. Why Square Enix decided to add an “I” to Valentine and just call it a day while coming up with such creative name for their other holidays will forever be a mystery, but that doesn’t detract from the amount of fun the players can expect.

The annual Valentione’s Day Event first surfaced in FFXIV 1.0 – that’s right, the very first version of the MMO! It then returned to the game the first February after the launch of A Realm Reborn in 2013. After that, the celebration goes around for a brief period (it usually starts on February 14) each year. As with most holidays in the game, Eorzea’s three main city-states, Limsa Lominsa, Ul’dah, and Gridania, and its residential districts will be decorated to match the theme. In the case of Valentione’s Day, cute heart-shaped decor can be found along the streets.

No Love Lost

Head over to Old Gridania in Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre, where you’ll see Lisette de Valentione on the stage. This is where you can start the quest, No Love Lost. During this quest, you are tasked with helping junior Postmoogle Pukty Piko in delivering letters of affection throughout Gridania, with the first delivery destination being a Loitering Carpenter at the Carpenter’s Guild. After some dialogue, you’ll be directed to the Botanist Guild where the recipient can be found.

Once you’ve completed the first delivery, you’ll have to fulfill two more. The second recipient is located in The Whistling Mill, and the third can be found near the Apkallu Falls. When the three deliveries are done, return to Lisette (at the Amphitheatre) to receive the second quest, Love’s Labors.

Love’s Labors

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To finish this quest, you must have a troubled woman named Aloyse who can be found near the Conjurer’s Guild. After learning about her situation, you’ll have to help her write and deliver a letter to her suitor who’s located in a top unnamed area in Old Gridania. Once that’s done, return to Lisette to see the quest’s conclusion and receive the rewards.

Better Letters

When you’ve completed No Love Lost and Love’s Labors, a new repeatable quest called Better Letters will become available. In this quest, you can help NPCs write their love letters, and depending on which choices you did or didn’t choose, the Moogle and NPCs will have different reactions. Keep in mind that this quest is only repeatable until February 21.

Requirements and Rewards

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To start the event’s quests, you must have a combat job in Final Fantasy XIV at level 15 or higher. Also, since the quest giver is in Gridania, new players from Limsa Lominsa and Ul’dah who have yet to unlock airship travel will need to complete the Envoy quest of their starting city.

As for the rewards on Valentione’s Day, you’ll be able to earn the Valentione Mobile and Postmoogle Barding from completing the event quests. The Valentione Mobile is a house decoration item that can be mounted to an interior wall, while the Postmoogle Barding is a festive suit of Chocobo armor designed with the iconic Postmoogle bag and hat in mind. Oh, and if you missed out on past seasonal items, you’re in luck! During Valentione’s Day, you can purchase certain limited-time items from the House Valentione Maid. This event vendor can be found in front of Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre.


The event will last until February 21, so make sure you finish the storyline and collect all the seasonal items and FFXIV Gil | PlayerAuctions before then. The Valentione’s Day Event is a great opportunity for many to shift their focus to appreciating and celebrating their loved ones. After all, that’s what Valentione’s Day is all about. Spending time with your friends, family, and lovers. And who knows? Maybe some players will decide to get married in FFXIV this Valentione day, after all, there is no better time. What do you think about Valentione’s Day? Let us know your thoughts down below!