Facebook Set For Global Launch Of Smart Speakers

The network of Facebook is growing day by day along with its market value. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is now planning to launch a new smart speaker for a home with ‘M’ assistant. A Facebook spokesperson recently said that Zuckerberg is planning to globally launch a new smart speaker before launching it in the US.

Recently, the Facebook Developer’s conference, named as F8 2018 was held on the 1st May. Since the beginning of F8 2018, a bunch of interesting announcements has been made by the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Everybody was excited when they got hints of the upcoming launch of Facebook’s new smart speaker. Facebook has already launched amazing VR feature on its chat app Messenger. In F8 2018, Mark Zuckerberg has also announced Facebook’s plan to bring a cool dating feature on Facebook as well. Among all other announcements by Mark Zuckerberg, the option to “Clear History” is also very interesting. Talking about the smart speaker, let’s find out more about it!

Specifications and features of the smart speaker:

As the name suggests, the smart speaker of Facebook is going to be Facebook’s smart home gadget which will allow the user to message anyone from home via voice talks. Not only this, the user of the smart speaker can see photos anytime. So, the upcoming smart speaker from Facebook is going to work as a digital photo frame as well. As per the latest reports, this smart speaker is of 15 inches with a full touchscreen display. Isn’t it cool?

The latest reports have also said that the Chinese iPhone manufacturer, Pegatron has been chosen to manufacture the upcoming smart speaker for a Q1 2018 launch. They have already produced a small pilot run. Facebook’s secretive new hardware lab building 8 has already been designed by using the in-cell touchscreen of LG with a magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis.

According to a new report, Facebook is planning to bring its upcoming smart speakers to the international market first instead of the US market. This will help in avoiding scrutiny on the important data privacy issue in the US. This might be a strategic move for the company as well. As the smart speaker from Facebook is being developed on the new artificial intelligence technology program ‘M’, the speaker will come with “M” Assistant. Until a proper announcement is made from Facebook’s side, we all need to wait for the smart speakers!