Facebook Plans To Directly Partner With Smartphone Companies In India

Many smartphone manufacturing giants such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung, Nokia, Google etc., are competing with each other just to capture the Indian electronics market. Why? India is the second largest smartphone market in the globe. At the same time, Facebook has a huge user base in India and the user base is growing day by day.

With the growing mobile and Internet penetration in India, the social platform giant Facebook India is all set to help the smartphone brands in reaching out to more and more number of Indian consumers! How? Let’s find out Facebook’s future plans regarding this.

The smartphone industry is now facing a huge competitive phrase where each and every smartphone brand is trying to reach out to more and more number of consumers in India. Hitting the right consumers is the main thing. Then only, the sales of the smartphone brands will increase.

In order to eliminate the chances of revenue loss, smartphone brands need to find out interested consumers. Here comes the need of Facebook’s social media platform! The massive popularity of Facebook can actually help the smartphone brands in social media marketing!

Facebook now plans to help the smartphone brands in reducing their consumer drop-off directly from their purchase journey. A top executive of Facebook confirmed the news on Wednesday. If Facebook can help the smartphone brands, then it will be able to make at least $3.1 billion worth of potential revenue within next five months! In the language of science, we can say that Facebook will work as a catalyst and will make the smartphone brands aware of where they can get their target consumers. This is a huge opportunity for the smartphone brands as well!

Facebook will build exclusive solutions for them in order to achieve the desired outcome in the end. Facebook is going to set certain terms that will help the smartphone manufacturers target Indian consumers according to their products!

It’s true that India’s smartphone market is expected to hit almost 1.4 billion unique smartphone subscribers by the end of 2024. So, Facebook is taking advantage of the current smartphone market situation.

Facebook has already announced a “Zero Friction Future” program for helping the marketers in understanding why many consumers abandon purchase journeys. By reducing the consumer drop-off from friction, Facebook can successfully help the smartphone manufacturers in increasing their sales.

With this program, Facebook will help the smartphone businesses in adopting relevant mobile marketing strategies. Thus, the consumers will enjoy seamless purchase experience. Eliminating Friction in the path of ordering the smartphone is a smart move that can actually help the smartphone brands in increasing their sales!

Currently, Facebook influences around 33 percent consumers in smartphone purchase decision making which generate around $4.8 billion worth of sales. If Facebook’s new plan succeeds, the previously mentioned statistics will grow two times and influence $9.5 billion worth of smartphone sales in India by 2024. Until it happens, we need to wait!