Can you Exercise During Pregnancy?

If something is clear to the entire medical society is that physical exercise is highly recommended for all human beings, regardless of sex, because with its realization is able to improve both our physical condition and our cardiovascular condition, but, is it advisable to exercise during pregnancy?

In this article we will answer this simple question, explaining in a generic way each of the benefits that exercise can have in this special and different stage, such as pregnancy of women, and what exercises or activities can be performed.

As everyone expects, and as we have seen in earlier studies, the answer is yes, it is advisable to carry out training during pregnancy is highly recommended, but before taking any step it is appropriate to analyze with the gynecologist the performance of supervision and approve it.

There is no doubt that the intensity of the exercise that should be performed should not be similar to what can be done before becoming pregnant and should adopt both this and the duration to the new guidelines that we will explain later, but they should always be exercises not intense, of low to moderate force and of medium periods.

Pregnancy Workout Benefits

It is clear that the physical and cardiovascular condition of the exercise is improving, but it also contributes to the postural correction, as well as to the control of a possible excessive weight gain, providing the pregnant woman with an improvement in the physical condition that will help to face the whole process of pregnancy and childbirth in a healthier way.

Sports help pregnant women improve the functions of the digestive system that are often causing problems due to the changes the body experiences to adapt to the new life, as well as to relieve constipation due to changes in diet or intake of medicines or supplements to improve pregnancy or digestion.

A light or low impact workout will make the woman have better blood pressure, reducing the likelihood of a cesarean delivery, and will also quantitatively shorten the time the woman must spend in the hospital during the postpartum period, thanks to the improvement of your physical condition.

Pregnancy Best Exercise

Years ago, doctors recommended that pregnant women forget about any physical practice and, although there are still some uncertainties, experts now point out that pregnant women can bend and stretch as much as they wish, but that they should never start an exercise program without the approval of a doctor. Once they have consulted with the doctor, they can find a personal trainer to guide them to perform the correct exercises.

This is so because if you have high blood pressure during pregnancy, exercise is completely prohibited. However, if the woman is in good health, exercises such as hiking, walking, jogging, swimming or riding a bicycle (as long as it is on stable land where there is no risk of falling) are highly recommended activities.

Therefore, the ideal training for a pregnant woman would be something like, for example, 20-minute walks that can gradually increase up to 1 hour per day, always at a moderate intensity.