When is Easter 2018, History and Tradition Of Easter Eggs and Easter Egg Rolls

The year 2018 is rich in holidays! If some holidays such as July 14 or November 11 unfortunately fall on Saturday and Sunday, the other dates will provide great opportunities for long weekends. You can also prepare your vacation quietly by relaxing on the Monday before Tuesday, December 25. Along with these 11 highly appreciated holidays in metropolitan France, there are also regional or specific specificities of the overseas departments and territories that benefit from additional days.

On Monday, April 2, 2018 will be for a large number of people the opportunity to extend the weekend. It is a celebration with religious connotations because Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. For many, this is the opportunity to meet with the family around the king of this day: the chocolate rabbit. No less than 15,000 tons of chocolate are sold every year in any country on Easter Monday, and people are interested in craftsmen making traditional chocolate animals.

Once again, we must turn to history and religion to discover more: the fish remember the episode of the miraculous catch of the apostles of Jesus, while rabbits and chickens represent the symbols of spring, he explains every day . Easter Monday gathers Christians on all continents and in all languages. The opportunity regardless of the edition to enjoy a day off and why not? Sunny. Associated with the Easter party that follows one day, Easter Monday represents one of the 6 festivals associated with a religious festival in France, such as All Saints’ Day.

It is also a prolonged weekend to enjoy spring every year, this day is characterized by a moving date, like the other days of Easter and the image of events such as the ascent, Pentecost or All Saints. This key date of the Easter period changes every year and according to the country. In 2018, Easter Monday falls on Monday, April 2. It fell later last year, exactly on Monday, April 16, 2017. A true symbol of the Christian religion for more than 2,000 years, Easter Monday gathers thousands of worshipers every year around the world.