Drug Made Of Snake Venom Used To Treat Type 2 Diabetes and Blood Clots

Snakes with their venom immobilize the prey and then eat it, they use their fangs to bite and inject that poison. It is known that approximately 375 species of snakes are able to inject venom when they bite. The potency of this poison can be more strong or lighter depending on the person and the place where these snakes live.

The snakes represent great benefits for the human being in spite of his bad reputation because its poison is used to carry out medical investigations. Its poison is a mixture of proteins and peptides 90-95% and 5% of a mixture of carbohydrates and metal elements that bind to proteins.

According to many types of research by scientists, snake venom is very beneficial for many diseases.

Snake venom cures diseases through its use in medicines:

There are around 20 million different poisonous toxins present in the world. Each has its own biological effects and targets which could help relieve pain, fight diseases and much more.

Toxins in the venom of snakes, spiders, centipedes and other types of species could treat type 2-diabetes, heart conditions, blood clots, chronic pain, and more.

British scientists claim snake venom is already used to create drugs. However, the compounds it contains are often too dangerous for human consumption, so they need to be improved.

In addition, while snake venom proteins are already used as drugs for heart disease and stroke, cancer researchers have joined the battle, trying to discover new treatments for cancer.

What diseases does snake venom cure?

Snake venom has been an important part in the development of medications to reduce blood pressure so that cardiovascular diseases are one of the main objectives of the study. In addition, it seeks to use it to overcome diseases of the nervous system.

The scientists detail that the creators of drugs have modified the toxins of the poison to retain their potency and turn them into safe compounds for pharmacological use. The venom of snakes is also known to prevent blood clotting, so it is useful in anticoagulant medications.

On the other hand, researchers from the National University of Australia clarify that snake venom is very useful in cancer treatments because it prevents the formation of metastasis.

The scientists assure that the substances of the different species of snakes can be used in the treatment of other diseases that have been incurable till today. They even point out that there is hope to treat paralytics with toxins extracted from the poisons that can join separate nerves and make them grow.

Brazilian spearhead viper snack’s venom was once used as its poison at the tip of the arrows and to treat high blood pressure. In 1981, it became the first poison-based drug approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).