6 Reasons Why Downton Abbey Is The Greatest TV Show Ever

Downton Abbey was set between 1912 and 1926 that show the lives of the Crawley family ranging back to the era before Edwardian. It also talks about their domestic workers. It’s time for the social authorities from Britain and highlights the basic impacts on their life due to some events. It depicts these stories like Titanic and how it sank, the beginning of the First World War, the epidemic of the Spanish flu and the scandal of Marconi in its second series. In the third series at shore the creation of Free State of Ireland through the Irish liberation war. The fourth series highlights the scandal of the teapot Dome and the fifth series shows the journal election of the British in collaboration with Beer hall in 1923. In the final series during the war the possible rise of the working class is shown where the end of the decline of British nobles is suggested.


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Television critics have praised Downton Abbey as it has won several awards. It was given Best Miniseries award by the Golden Globe award and an outstanding miniseries or movie award by the Primetime Emmy award.

In 2011, Guinness world record approved it to be the most esteemed English language TV series. In the history of Primetime Emmy awards, it received the greatest acclaim for being an international TV series. It gained a total of 27 Emmy awards. At ITV and PBS, it was watched the most. It followed the Brideshead Revisited series released in 1981 to be the top successful British TV series.

Carnival films and ITV announced in 2015 that six series would be the last one. It was broadcast by ITV between 20th September 2015 and 8 November 2016. The last episode aired on 25 December 2015 which was considered to be important due to annual Christmas. The series was continued in the form of film. It was confirmed to be released in the United Kingdom on 13 September 2019 and in the United States on 20th September 2019.

Downton Abbey has successfully attracted the attention of millions of people all across the globe in the history of PBS. 13 years of romance, sadness, change and success has been experienced in the six seasons of this series. As the last season is taken into U. S. Take a look at the reasons presented by why Downton Abbey is considered the best show.

1. Storytelling of Julian Fellowes

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Nobody can ever be sure about the game of time. The screen game for Julian Fellowes was Gosford park and he was awarded with an Academy Award for being the writer of Downton Abbey and for composing it. He has written many funny characters with the skill of his storytelling who you remember till the end of your life.

2. Skilled performers

There is no one celebrity in Downtown Abbey. The show is rich with people having amazing chemistry. Veteran actors like Dame Maggie Smith, Penelope Wilton, Jim Carter and Hugh Bonneville are a part of the show including the work of many other members, including Dan Stevens, Michelle Dockery, Joanne Froggatt and Lily James.

3. Memorable women roles

Although women are a part of this show, the Roles they have played show the differences throughout many years. Some of the events take place between elder women where Isabelle Crawley is clashed by Lady Violet. The characters included women at a certain age but they had their own chance of romance in the show.

4. History came to life

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The show began with Titanic being sunk in 1912 and all six seasons covering basic historical events Like World War One, the revolution of Russia, the epidemic in 1918 and the progress of Hitler. Downton Abbey is still young and the focus is on the lives of the characters plus the decisions they make daily which keeps the entertainment alive unlike other Theaters which are very slow moving.

5. A peek into the life

The glamour and craftsmanship of the Crawley family cannot be ignored. It’s fascinating to see their wrinkled looks and hazardous feasts at the party. An attractive place for the families is provided by those present in the staff hall.

6. Limitless love stories

The best part of this show is to watch the love life of the characters where people keep on in and out of love. The tremendous romance game between Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley is worth watching. You’ll be in tears to see Anna and Mr. Bates. The relationship between Mr Hughes and Mr Carson might be slow but magical.

Similar media

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The United Kingdom and many other places have been inspired by the accessories worn by the celebrities in the show like star collars, midi skirts, spots of hunting etc.

UK parliament was introduced with an unsuccessful title bill in 2013 which fought for successor women equal to men where they would receive death belts and pages as the heirs. That law was given the name of Downton Abbey as it highlighted a similar issue which involved Lady Mary Crawley who was unable to inherit the property and was given to the heir.

US representative Aaron Schock has been prompted by the decoration of Downton Abbey where the church offices are to be redesigned in a lavish style. The book about Downton Abbey was released on 15 September 2011 named as word of Downton Abbey. Jessica Fellowes was the nephew of Julian Fellowes who wrote it and HarperCollins published it. The Chronicles of Downton Abbey was another related book illustrated by similar people in 13 September 2012 which was actually a guideline for the characters present in the first part of the third series.

Many references and limitations have been given because of the popularity of the show like the episode featuring “Chap Stewie ”, Where Stewie Griffin was born again in a place similar to Downton Abbey. Another show called Woodward Manor was released which was amazingly like Downton Abbey.