Huge Easter Sales on Acer and Asus Laptops, Easter 2018 Sales and Deals

Today tablets have functions similar to portable ones, but what about the keyboard or the size of the screen? If you want a laptop that also works as a tablet, be sure to find your happiness. Often there are several configurations of a “same” computer. Everything that is casing, screen, keyboard or touch screen often remain similar, but the amount of RAM, storage capacity, processor or graphics card can change within the same range. Therefore, it is important to verify these technical characteristics of each computer before making a purchase. Choosing a laptop is not an easy task, but do not worry that here we are going to present the best Easter offers for you to buy your laptop.

Acer 14: A 13 inch FULL HD

With its sleek body and slim curves, the Acer 14 offers an elegant design that does not reflect its low price at all. With a 13-inch Full HD screen, this notebook offers impressive image quality. The viewing angles are very good and even has an anti-reflective technology. In addition, with its very long battery of 10 hours, it can be used all day without worrying about the load.

Acer Swift 1

The Acer Swift 1 is what is cheaper while maintaining good quality in the Windows world. The reason? Windows S, the new Microsoft operating system that tries to compete with the Chromebook in the field of education. The result, in this Acer Swift 1, is a 13-inch HD screen, 4 GB of RAM, a 64 GB SSD and an Intel Celeron N3350, of course, you can not expect incredible performance with this laptop, but you can still Launch many tabs simultaneously and run some light applications without worrying.

Asus Flip

The Asus Flip is a gem of technology. Ultra slim and lightweight, its aluminum design gives it a premium look that far exceeds its small price. Its 8/5 ratio screen shows that it was designed to be used both in tablet mode and in PC mode, which improves its ergonomics compared to the conventional 16/9 ratio. With 9 hours of battery life, enjoy Android applications all day and wherever you are is easy. And its keyboard is pleasantly not too small despite the small size of the device, which allows comfortable writing