What It’s Like To Be Single Women In Bangalore

What does the bustling metropolitan have on offer for all the singles out there?

Over the years, Bangalore has grown to not only to become India’s IT capital but has also become a hub for young people. Thousands of people migrate to the city and a lot of them happen to be single. This has created a whole new crowd of single women in the city and being one myself, I can definitely tell that this is the best city to be single in! Here are just five from the long list of things you can do on your own and still have a fun and fulfilling experience:

Go on a date – Yes! Dating is important and you should not be stopped by the lack of a partner. The city is filled with cute cafes and lovely restaurants that you can visit on your own. Put on your favourite dress or just go in your old jeans, there is nobody judging you anyways. Order what you want and eat without any inhibition. With a book or maybe even a movie on your phone, a self-date can be a truly fun experience.

Go to the movies alone – Bangalore is resplendent with movie theaters and multiplexes. So why not head to the nearest one and watch your favourite man on the silver screen while shamelessly munching on tubs of popcorn.

Watch a play – Step up the game from just watching a movie and go catch up on a play instead. Bangalore has truly grown to become a hub for the dramatic arts and there is always something interesting being performed on one of the many stages across the city. All the big names in the theatre industry frequent the city and you should definitely catch a few of their performances.

Pick up a new hobby – The city is now bustling with all sorts of new activities. These varied activities are not just great for filling time but also help you grow and mature as a person. There are many dance classes offering everything from bollywood to salsa, so put on your dancing shoes and sneak in some exercise with fun. You can take up horse riding or even learn to play golf. The possibilities are endless and you really do not need anyone else to truly enjoy these activities.

Give back to society – Social work can be a truly rewarding experience and Bangalore offers many opportunities for you to start down this path. Different NGOs offer volunteering programs that are not only great for personal growth but also have a positive effect on the society as a whole. You do not need anyone else to do something good.

Every individual should strive to be a multifaceted person and a diverse city like Bangalore is perfect for catalysing this growth. So if you are a single woman in Bangalore, take the time to explore the many things that the city has on offer and learn something new about yourself in the process.