Showroom Condition – How to Clean your Car Like a Pro

Did you realize the average car owner spends approximately $200 a month on maintenance? When trying to keep your car in good shape, you need to focus on more than the condition of its engine. While having a good running engine is important, you also need to make sure your car’s exterior is appealing and damage-free.

Most car owners try to avoid spending tons of money on professional detailing, which is why they attempt to handle this work on their own. If you are trying to keep your car in showroom condition, you will need some time and the right tools to get this job done. Below are some things you need to do when trying to clean your car like a pro.

Provide Your Car with a Layer of Ceramic Protection


As time goes by, the shiny exterior your car has will start to become dull. Rather than allowing this shine to fade, you need to think about investing in a ceramic coating. With this ceramic coating, you can protect your car from things like scratches and contaminants. When dirt or mud is allowed to dry on a car without a ceramic coating, it typically leads to lots of damage occurring. Having tons of hairline scratches on your car can lead to a reduction in the appeal it has.

According to CarPro, the money spent on a ceramic coating for cars is worth it considering how easy it makes cleaning the exterior of an automobile. With this coating in place, you can easily rinse off dirt and grime to restore the like-new shine to your vehicle. Before you buy a ceramic coating, take some time to research all of your options. Paying a bit more for a higher-quality ceramic coating will be worth it considering the long-term benefits it will provide.

Proper Car Detailing Requires the Right Equipment


Some car owners think they can properly detail their vehicle with the cleaning chemicals they have lying around the house. In reality, household cleaners often contain abrasive chemicals that can damage the interior and exterior of a vehicle. This is why you need to invest in cleaners that are specifically designed for cleaning cars. Luckily, there are chemicals designed for everything from cleaning tires to your car’s dash.

Once you have quality car cleaning chemicals in hand, focus on getting the materials you need to apply these chemicals properly. These materials include things like microfiber towels and wash mitts. If you don’t have access to a powerful shop vacuum cleaner, think about investing in one. A vacuum cleaner with strong suction will allow you to get all of the dirt out of the carpet fibers in your vehicle.

Choosing the Right Time to Detail Your Car


Before you start to wash and detail your car, be sure to consider the weather outside. The biggest mistake most inexperienced car owners make is trying to wash their vehicle in extreme heat. Doing this can result in lots of problems. If it is hot outside, the water you are using to wash your car will evaporate quickly. When this happens, a residue will be left on your car’s paint. This residue is extremely difficult to get off and can lead to your paint job looking dull.

If you have a dark-colored vehicle, it is best to wash it either in the morning or later in the afternoon. The cooler it is outside, the easier it will be to avoid films and problems during the washing process. If you have an awning or garage you can pull your vehicle into, you need to do so to keep the heat at bay during this washing process.

Prep Your Carpet for Vacuuming


The longer you allow dirt to remain in the fibers of your car’s carpet, the harder it will be to avoid damage. Over time, deep-seated dirt will start to tear the carpet fibers, which is why removing it is so important. The main thing you need to focus on before using a vacuum cleaner on your carpets is loosening the dirt in them. The best way to do this is by using a stiff bristle brush to scrub the carpets. Making a few passes with this type of brush will loosen the dirt and make it easier to vacuum up.

Failing to prep the carpets before vacuuming them will result in only some of the dirt being removed. Removing only the top layer of dirt on the carpets will leave tons of debris behind that could damage the carpeting over time. The time invested in prepping your carpets will be worth it considering the problems this will allow you to avoid.

Using the Right Tire Cleaner


Once you have properly scrubbed and vacuumed the inside of your vehicle, you need to turn your attention to the exterior. While most car owners know about the importance of cleaning their paint, many forget about scrubbing their tires. A freshly scrubbed and shiny set of tires can substantially increase the “wow factor” your vehicle has. Getting your tires clean and shiny will require the use of a non-acid-based cleaner.

If you have alloy wheels on your vehicle, acid-based cleaners can damage them. In most cases, these types of cleaners will cause alloy wheels to pit and oxidize. Rather than dealing with this damage, you need to use cleaners that are devoid of acid. Ideally, you want to scrub and clean your tires before you start to wash the paint job. With the right tools and cleaners, removing dirt and grime from your tires will be a breeze.

Neglecting Auto Maintenance Can Creates Lots of Problems


If you want to protect your investment in a new car, then routine maintenance is a must. The key to successfully detailing your car like a professional in acquiring the right tools. Taking the time to figure out how to use the cleaners and tools you have acquired is also important. Over time, you will become familiar with how to restore the like-new shine to your car.