Study Indicates Cinnamon could REVERSE High Blood Sugar In Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is becoming quite a common disorder in today’s time. With the increasing amount of sugar intake in the body with the advent of many new food products, the likely causes of diabetes are on the rise. It is thereby extremely required to have a proper method or a medicinal component which can reverse the occurrence of diabetes.

This kind of unbalanced condition of the sugar in the body of the individual can to lead further effect on the individual over their work output. They will face respective symptoms of the condition of the body. As there is a lack of insulin in the body for the individuals who have developed type 2 diabetes we can try for an alternative means of injecting insulin for the patients.

Effect of Diabetes type 2 on human body
The condition caused due to the type 2 diabetes is a kind of lifelong condition and continuous for the whole life of the individual. Under the situation of disease, sugar level rises inside the body of the individual who is suffering from the disease. This condition is caused when the body of the person suffering from diabetes is not capable of producing the required amount of insulin.

The sugar level in the blood of the person is absorbed into the cells by the help of the insulin. If insulin levels are not enough they won’t be absorbed or consumed which will result in an increase in the level of sugar in the body. As sugar levels remain in the blood itself it will not be converted into energy. It can thereby result in lack of energy for the individuals who are suffering from type 2 diabetes.

One can reverse the effect of type 2 diabetes by means of consuming cinnamon over a greater amount. Even some of the people are claiming to have cured their diabetes when they followed a specific diet plan. Various foods which he ate were under 600 kcal, while also combining 100 percent of his own daily nutrients.

About 3.5 million people have diagnosed with diabetes in the UK alone. It is even predicted that about 5,00,000 are there who are living their life in an undiagnosed condition. It is not necessary that the symptoms which one face is likely to make them realize that they have diabetes. There are GP check-ups which are designed for diagnosing the disease.

Even many of the symptoms and effects can be neutralized or minimized in an individual by means of eating more amount of the clean proteins. It even includes consuming the food with a low glycemic load. Foods which are quite rich in fiber, magnesium and also chromium can help us in lowering the blood sugar levels.
The range of foods which are beneficial, diabetes will include broccoli, raw cheese, green beans, avocados, flaxseeds and even the yogurt. Patients should also consider cutting their diet over the refined sugars, alcohol and hydrogenated oils. These are the ingredients which are proving to be detrimental to the diabetes of the patient.

A person who is suffering from diabetes are experiencing an unexplained weight loss and also the reduction in the muscle bulk. This would prove to be detrimental to their daily work schedule and thereby will affect their daily tasks. It can even cause long-term health issues. These issues can even include blindness, failure of the kidney and imputation of the lower limb.
Looking at the symptoms and effects over the body of an individual who will be facing the diabetes one can easily determine that it will extremely affect their overall health. It should be avoided in order to let the individual perform the task with the best output. This can be done by taking the balanced diet and losing weight for the people who are overweight.

Effect of Cinnamon on blood sugar
It is extremely required to minimize the effect of diabetes over the body in order to reduce the side effects which it is causing to the body. These effects are ultimately reducing our efficiency to work and affect the kind of output which we obtain from our daily schedule. It will also tend to affect the kind of lifestyle which we live as we will suffer from many of the symptoms in our daily life.
According to the experts Cinnamon is having the capability of affecting the sugar levels inside the body. It is having the ability to lower the sugar levels in the blood of an individual. It will improve the sensitivity of the cells to insulin. As the sensitivity of the cells is increased it would lead to more absorption of the sugar from the blood. Thereby it will lead to a reduction in sugar levels in the blood.

One can’t directly consume cinnamon in their food. In order to consume cinnamon, they can add them as one teaspoon of the food which they are consuming. Even they can add the same to smoothies which they are eating or even their favourite tea. This will help them to easily consume cinnamon and even help them to fight diabetes.

In addition to these methods, one can also consume cinnamon in terms of adding few drops of the same in the food or tea which we are consuming. One can also combine the same with a half teaspoon of coconut oil. One can then finally use the same for massaging it over the wrists and abdomen of the person who is suffering.

These methods will help us in either consuming or applying the cinnamon over the body so that it can perform its desired operation satisfactorily. It was even found from one of the studies that cinnamon was linked with the decrease in the plasma glucose levels in the blood. It was even found to be affecting the levels of bad cholesterol thereby reducing the same.

Thus we can say that diabetes is quite a long-term disease which is caused due to the decrease in the acceptance level of the cells against glucose in the blood. This is mainly caused due to the decrease in the level of insulin in the body which is the prime means responsible for the absorbance of the glucose by the cells. It will thereby result in substantial increase in the blood glucose level. One can use cinnamon which is having the capability to reduce blood sugar level to fight diabetes.