What You Need to Know Before Ordering Chromosomal Microarray Analysis

Chromosomal Microarray analysis is getting more popular day by day. The primary reason behind it is the accurate results. CMA technology is advanced enough for testing. It detects diseases, disorders,  microduplications, and microdeletions of chromosome components. Apart from that, the testing also finds any abnormalities in the chromosome. The entire testing process looks complex, but in reality, it is pretty straightforward to understand.

Some people order CMA testing without gaining knowledge. Well, you should not make this mistake if you want accurate results. When you don’t know the purpose of the testing, you will not understand anything. That is why it is always better to consume as much information as possible. In this article, we will discuss everything related to Chromosomal Microarray analysis. So, keep reading it till the end.

Now, it has become more convenient for people to order CMA. There are many online platforms that you can consider for the same. But it is crucial to research each one of them and find out the best one. You can visit this site to order chromosomal microarray analysis. They provide excellent services to the users.

You might be curious to learn more about CMA testing. Let’s not waste any more time and get started with the same.

What is the purpose of chromosomal microarray analysis?

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Many people don’t have any idea about CMA and its purpose. You must be aware of the same if you are looking forward to ordering it.

The chromosomal microarray is responsible for detecting the following things-

  • Microdeletions of chromosome segments
  • Microduplications of chromosome segments
  • The number of chromosomes, if there is any abnormality
  • Down syndrome
  • Imbalance in the chromosome structure
  • Imprinting disorders
  • A high amount of homozygosity
  • Risk of disease
  • Triploidy and Tetraploidy
  • Duplications of the chromosome set
  • Abnormal cells

The detection of these things through chromosome microarray analysis gives perfect results. There is no need to worry about them as everything will be accurate. The technology is advanced enough to provide researchers with the correct reports. It will continue to improve in the future.

After ordering CMA testing, you will understand why it is an essential procedure. The reports you will get will help you in learning more about the condition of the chromosome. That is why people must consider CMA testing when needed. No better testing method will give you accurate results. Basic knowledge of CMA is beneficial for everyone to make a decision.

What is not included in the chromosomal microarray analysis?

There are some things that this test won’t detect, and you should know about the same. In every type of analysis, the information of some areas is not possible. In chromosomal microarray analysis, detecting genetic diseases is a bit challenging. CMA won’t help you find out the following things-

  • Changes in the genes that are in a sequence
  • Small applications of DNA segments
  • Balanced chromosomal rearrangements
  • Mosaicism
  • Homozygosity in some cases
  • Triploidy in a few cases

Even though CMA uses advanced technology, the test can’t find the mentioned areas. So, you must try other testing methods for detecting these things.

How does chromosomal microarray analysis work?

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CMA testing is a bit complex to comprehend for beginners. But it is possible to learn about it in simple ways. Here are some points that you can read regarding chromosomal microarray analysis working.

  • A microchip is necessary: The microarray is a type of chip used in the process. It helps in detecting various areas of a particular DNA. A person’s DNA involves many things through which the doctors can identify a health condition. The entire procedure of CMA is automatic. So, laboratories don’t need to put so much effort into the process.

Without the microarray, it is impossible to detect if anything is wrong with the chromosomes. Due to this, the condition with which a person is suffering won’t be identified by the researchers.

  • Computerized system: The entire system of Chromosomal microarray analysis is digital. As we mentioned earlier, advanced technology is used for it; there is no need for manual recording. Some people get confused about CMA testing as they don’t know much. So, they often drop the idea of going through the process. There are some misconceptions related to it that everyone should know before ordering it.
  • Comparison: CMA testing involves a comparison of a person’s DNA with a reference known as a variant. This comparison is crucial as it helps professionals to get information about the DNA. If there is a specific problem, it will be mentioned in the reports. So, it has made everything easier for doctors to treat a patient according to their condition.

What type of conditions can be identified with chromosomal microarray analysis?

There are various diseases, and detecting every health condition requires a different test. CMA is one of the most common testing procedures for a particular syndrome. You might already know that there are many disorders through which people suffer, and their detection is only possible with testing. The two most important conditions CMA can detect are Autism spectrum disorder and multiple congenital anomalies. There are other conditions as well that are discovered through CMA. These include seizures, delayed growth in children, psychiatric disease, and neuromuscular problems.

Individuals with such conditions can get their necessary treatment only after the testing. Health professionals always suggest people do CMA testing before getting the treatment. Otherwise, there might be problems in treating the disease.

The best thing about chromosomal microarray analysis is that it is a low-cost procedure. So, there is no need for people to worry about money. Even though the technology used in this type of testing is new and advanced, the overall cost is less affordable for everyone. However, it also depends on the platform you chose for the same. There might be some differences in the prices. That is why you need to make sure you are using the best one with affordable rates.

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The Bottom Line

Chromosomal microarray analysis is significant in detecting various health conditions. You must know the things mentioned above before ordering it.