Top Casinos to Visit While in Vegas

As we talk about Las Vegas, the first thing that pops into our minds is the bright city with dynamic life and a lot of luxurious casinos all around it. Visiting this city is an experience by itself, no matter if you are into gambling or not. Sometimes, you can even walk down the streets and enjoy the view in the middle of Nevada. Currently, most of the venues are closed, due to the pandemic, or work with very strict restrictions, and if you are planning to visit it, you have to at least wait until enough of the population is vaccinated, or after the World Health Organization announces the end.

Until then, you have a lot of time to explore this city online. You can visit a lot of websites related to the activities there, read articles, or even use interactive maps to learn more about it. And once you are there, you can do the test to check if it’s really the luckiest of all cities in the world. Every casino is specific and has developed a style, so if you don’t like one, you can find another that will be better for you.

Keep in mind that these houses aren’t made to be the same. Some of them have special offers every day, and others follow strict rules related to gambling. Anyway, we tried to make a list of the most popular ones, and why they are great. If you’re looking for a full list of the most popular casinos in Vegas, make sure to follow this site.

And here is our choice:

1. Caesar Palace


We can’t make a list of Las Vegas casinos without mentioning this one on the top of it. This is a high-end house with a lot of games available. It also offers sports betting on traditional and elite sports. You can follow the games on big screens, and live bet on your favorite one. They kept the traditional games, but are always open to embrace the new trends and approaches, so you can be sure you will find at least one that is suitable for your preferences.

2. Aria


This one is for slot enthusiasts. They offer the largest slots center in Nevada, and you can win really big, even when you are far away from the jackpot. You can also choose to play in private, and the employees will always provide the best service for every guest there. Also, they don’t stick just to fruits when it comes to slots. You can find a lot of games inspired by the current pop culture. They even hold tournaments a few times every year. For those who aren’t into slots, but still love Aria, there are poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and every other gambling game you can imagine. Sports betting is also an option there.

3. The Stratosphere


The Stratosphere building is the dominant figure in the Las Vegas skyline, and probably it’s too obvious, but there is a casino there too. It’s a traditional casino, but can you imagine how exciting it is to gamble there, and see the skyline of the city. There are plenty of tables and slot machines, and it’s practically one of the smallest casinos there, that still offers the same excitement as the others.

4. El Cortez


El Cortez is a hotel that is known for the busy casinos. It’s very old, but they don’t plan to embrace the new technologies and upgrades. They are recognizable for their unique approach to keep the vintage spirit around, so the visitors can get a more authentic experience while playing.

5. Bellagio


Another recognizable casino in Las Vegas, for all the gambling enthusiasts who want a unique experience while they are playing. The employees will often offer food and drinks, and the best thing is that there are professionals who can give a proper massage to the players so they can cope with the stress better. They offer every game that can come to your mind.

6. MGM Grand


This is the best one for those who only want to watch or play without investing a lot in it. Also, it’s great for inexperienced gamblers who want to learn more about the casinos and all the included aspects. You can even play non-gambling games, and have fun while there.

7. South Point


This one isn’t located in the center of the City, and if you want to avoid crowds, it’s the best choice for you. Surely you will meet both tourists and residents, but you will avoid the stress the crowds can cause. The atmosphere is comfortable and private, and you can even choose the table you want or the slots machine that “speaks” lucky to you.

8. The Cosmopolitan


It’s not just a casino, it’s an exclusive restaurant with plenty of stylish drinks and dishes. It’s also a little “salty” when it comes to the price of the service, but for those who can afford to visit this place, we can confirm that there is no similar experience anywhere in the world.

9. The Mandalay Bay


Can you imagine gambling, then swim a little, and then come back again after you relax? The Mandalay Bay casino has artificial sandy beaches around the pools, and if you want an even better experience, you can choose hot tubs and relaxing baths. Also, you can rent a room or bungalow, and stay there for a while. We are sure you will like the whole experience there.

These are only nine, and according to some estimations, there are at least 136 official casinos in this city. Probably there are smaller clubs too that provide some type of gambling service. Also, if you aren’t into gambling, you can still manage to visit Las Vegas after the pandemic, because this city has a lot of things to offer, no matter if you are looking for entertainment, or just want to boost your traveling experience with something new.

And when it comes to gambling, our general recommendation is to consider it as entertainment too, because you don’t want to end up losing all your money while on a vacation.