Quick Home Remedy For Burning Sensation In Stomach – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

When eating so much, or disorderly, an awful sensation is felt in the stomach after making these sort of disastrous habits. Known as burning sensation, it can be caused by several reasons and treatment of it would definitely vary according to the origin of that feeling.

As it was mentioned above, many reasons can originate this burning sensation in the stomach. Among the most common explanations for its occurrence are:

  • Gastritis – as part of the symptoms for this condition the burning sensation is accompanied by nausea, indigestion, abdominal pain, hiccups, and loss of appetite.
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease – the inappropriate openness of the esophagus sphincter allows stomach gases to escape through it and the annoying feeling shows up.
  • Food allergies or intolerances – some intolerance of allergy to certain types of food would originate this sensation
  • Some medications or drugs can also be a high risk factor in burning stomach sensation.
  • Emotional stress can be reflected through this situation.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome – the malfunction of intestines by this condition would be another reason for the painful situation.
  • Ulcers are also included in the possible origins of the condition.
  • Celiac Disease – the intolerance to gluten is another one to cause the burning sensation in the stomach.
  • pylori – the main cause of almost all ulcers is included in this list due to the destruction of the stomach layers by the presence of this bacterium.
  • Excessive stomach acid – a factor that can relieve by using medications.
  • Other factors that can cause this unbearable situation are Herpes zoster, eczema, psoriasis, alcohol abuse, inflammation, smoking, obesity, injury in the abdominal muscles after working out, hiatal hernia, and pain from the kidneys or liver.

Most of the signs of this burning sensation are related to the consumption of different kinds of food or beverages. So if you feel the burning annoyance in the upper abdomen or lower chest after taking some food or drinks, visit your doctor in order to get the appropriate treatment. Be very careful after eating spicy food; drinking alcohol, pop soda, or even water; milk is another beverage you have to be careful after drinking it if the burning sensation comes.

To deal with this condition, there are several prescribed drugs that can help you alleviate the sensation. But if you are looking for natural or homemade remedies whether as an alternative or complement to the traditional treatment; the following are recommended:

  • Thyme tea – this beverage helps with gas, reducing the swelling of the mucosal lining, and relieves the pain associated with the burning feeling.
  • Plain foods – being easy to digest gives your stomach an easy job to do. Among them can be found boiled vegetables, rice, applesauce, and all food with basically a small amount of spices or oil added.
  • Yogurt/buttermilk – these dairy products can alleviate burning stomach, unless you are lactose intolerant.
  • Honey – it has proved to be effective in the treatment of ulcers and other stomach related issues.
  • Soothing fruits like bananas and watermelon are a really helpful aid in the burning stomach situation.
  • Coconut water – it helps to soothe the intestine inflammation as well as providing energy and a cooling sensation

To prevent the burning sensation, a number of steps should be follow. Among them you are not supposed to stop belching, avoid eating all sort of really spicy food and eat more carbohydrates like whole grains. Smoking should be eliminated and the alcohol consumption should be minimal. Meals do not have to be skipped with the intake of leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, and milk (but not with an empty stomach) have to be included in the daily diet.

Nevertheless, if you suffer from this condition and nothing can be done to stop it, take into consideration a visit to your doctor and follow the indications he would give you. Always, keeping health as a main issue on your daily routine.