Early Warning Signs and Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

While doing the usual breast touching recommended by specialists yearly; if a lump is detected, it would be considered a warning sign and verifying the benign or malignant condition of the protuberance should be done at once.

There are several signs that would indicate the presence of breast cancer in any women.

This very frequent form of the illness can be treated if it is discovered at early stage. So if any of the following symptoms are presented, it is advisable to check them with care before visiting a physician to confirm or discharge the presence of cancer in the breast area. The symptoms to care about are:
• Inflammation of part or the whole breast with or without the presence of any lumps.
• Irritation of the skin or cellulite.
• Pain in the breast or nipple.
• Nipple turns inward.
• The presence of redness, scales formation, or thickness in the breast.
• A discharge of the nipple different than breast milk.
• Changes in the size, shape, texture, or temperature of the breast.

Although the presence of any of these signs, isolated or together, is not the clear hint of cancer in the breast. These indicators can be also shown when women go through different stages of their lives such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause; due to the elevated levels of hormones produced by the organism.

To determine the presence of the illness, mammograms are usually done. Although it has been a common way to determine the presence of abnormalities in the breast and used by physicians in order to rule out the presence of cancer in the mammary glands, these exams can also be the origin of cancer due to the radiation they emit during the time of testing. Besides the fact that they are not 100% accurate and they cannot make any difference between benign or malignant tumors; leading to false diagnosis and unneeded chemotherapy and radiation actions.

Thermography is recommendable alternative to establish the presence of cancer by detecting angiogenesis, a strong factor in the determination of the malady and an efficient tool to imply the course of action that should be taken to outline the ideal treatment.

Nevertheless, at the early stage, breast cancer can be unnoticed, the presence of any of the symptoms and signs listed above should be a warning indicator and it is advisable to pay a visit to your specialist in order to rule out the presence of this common form of sickness that has extremely affected women and their families for years.