BLU R1 HD Camera, Battery and Gaming Review

Along the last years, the brand BLU has been working very hard in order to make tread its own path which has made it become one of the most acknowledged brands in the world. This amazing company, just like many others, very often releases a new smartphone with incredible upgrades and new astonishing designs that normally keep the public at the expectance of the new phone. In this case, we will be discussing the new flagship model of the brand BLU which is called BLU R1 HD. This is definitely one of the most complete smartphoens that can be found in the market keeping in mind that the BLU brand is also famous for offering budget phones.

As its name suggests, the new BLU R1 HD will have a full HD display that will provide us with hours of joy by providing us the most amazing high quality resolution which amazing colors while, at the same time, we can enjoy of a 5 inches screen.

Regarding its RAM memory, what we can say is that it possesses 1 GB and a variation of 2 GB. The new BLU R1 HD features a storage space of 8 GB and 16 GB which is pretty good considering that we are talking about a low tier affordable phone. It storage memory can be enhanced, though, through microSD. Differently from Top tier smartphones, this model only possesses one camera of 8 MP which will allow us to take pictures and record videos in a pretty decent resolution. Its battery has 2,500mAh which means that it fits the cellphones requirements perfectly.

Finally, we can add that it runs on android 6 and that its measures are 143 x 70.7 mm and that it features a pretty light weight of only 142 grams. Just remember that even though we are talking about a low tier phone, it present pretty decent system specifications with powerful processor and enough storage. However, if the storage capacity is not enough for you, you can always expand it via microSD. So, you will definitely be taking home an incredible smartphone for a very fair price.