Natural Home Remedies For Blood In Stool, Hemorrhoids

Blood stool can be a very harmful, painful and deadly disease that is often known as Hemorrhoids. it cause swollen cysts and blood vessels around the anal area and the rectum area. There can be a number of causes for this problem. However we have researched a various symptoms to understand if you are suffering from pain and also some pre- tested treatments for the following problem


  1. Stomach Ulcers: If one is consuming a lot of spices or is on a diet full of oily substances he or she is bound to suffer from ulcer. Ulcers can sometimes be very fatal and bloody. All of this can be very dangerous and especially if observed in abundance.
  2. Smoking and Alcohol: Smoking in abundance can be very dangerous as it is and to top it all it can also cause blood stool, and leave your anal hole in a lot of pain. The thing with nicotine is that it makes the stool hard and also can lead to constipated stool. Thus, this can lead to very painful process of excretion and hurt the body.
  3. Age: Age can also be a factor to blood stool as the blood vessels can coagulate anytime and be thick with blood as the vessels are no more flexible enough to allow the blood to flow properly. All of this can cause a lot of pain in the renal area.


  1. You will notice extensive traces of blood during your nature’s call without extreme pain in your anal area. This also changes the colour of your stool from yellow to vermillion, because of the presence of blood.
  2. There are certain avid symptoms whilst experiencing such stools that is vomiting, stomach ache and faster heart throbbing.
  3. A considerable amount of mucus in the stool can cause blood stool accompanied by blood, as the name suggests. A certain amount of mucus is totally fine and nothing to worry about, however, if the same is observed in a large quantity then it is a matter of concern and needs medical attention.


There can be lots of home- made remedies which can help in the faster recovery of such stools. Here are some treatments you can refer

  1. Intake of water- like fruits such as watermelon, papaya, apple, pear etcetera can help in causing the blood stream to work in a more positive way and also helps to process a softer stool than a painful and rigid one. Vegetable such as the green leafy ones can help in purifying the body and also does the same function as above, so intake of fruits and vegetables is a must.
  2. Prevention of intake of sugar- avoid the consumption of composed products, caffeine related products, fat containing foods until the blood stools get cured

3.You can eat yogurt, milk and fibrous food to instigate softer stool.