‘Black Dot’ Bug hits iOS 11, Here’s How To Fix Your iPhone and iPad

A new iOS11 bug has been detected, even though Apple’s iPhone X is known to have one of the best hardwares in the given past 6 months. The technical glitch is related to iOS messaging and your phone could crash down anytime if you are operating on iOS 11 and using it for sending messages. This new problem has been named as ‘Black Dot’ Bug. The problem is extremely crucial given the idea that any message with more than two emoticons or emojis could get your device to crashing down in the meanwhile, be it your Iphone or Ipad either of the two being operated on an iOS 11.

This ‘Black Dot ’Bug problem rests in the fact that the emoticons which are causing a menace to the application, are the emoticons, which are formed by a black circle in between a lesser than and a greater than sign, with a finger pointing towards the left. This is also known as blackhand index finger pointing to the left, as per the definition in the emoji dictionary.

The problem with this emoticon is that if one receives a message with that certain emoticon then it works in a vicious circle as it keeps bringing back to the last message, even if you close and reopen the application a several number of times.

There is a significant reason for this problem. The reason is that there are many hidden Unicode characters which are a part of the string which constitutes the emojis, in accordance to Mac9 to 5. This hampers the working of the CPU which causes this overlapping of the same application.

There is a solution for the following menace. You can now fix the problem with the help of Everything Apple Pro. You can use 3D Touch screen to use the messaging icon present in the home screen. Then you can open the head named ‘New Messages ‘and you can avoid opening the last message with the particular problematic emoji. From there on you can delete the message with the particular of ‘Black Dot’. If you swipe left from the message option, then you will be able to reach the delete option. Delete the message else it will be very problematic as you might end up opening or seeing the message, which will lead to the glitch again.

Due to this problem, apple wants to strive on introducing an iOS 12. They are working on it and will release the new update officially in the following month. The following update has also been updated as WWDC. This glitch was also evident in android phones but now has come down to apple devices.