Beyond Health Benefits – CBD Oil for Dogs as a Psychological Aid

When raising a canine, timing is very essential. There is a right time to administer vaccination, switch meals, visit the veterinarian, teach potty training, develop social skills, and the list is endless. For dog parents, adherence to timing is of the essence. As will be subsequently stressed in this article, let us take the development of canine social skills as a case in point.
The best time to help your dog develop the right social quality is during the puppy stage. This much is explained in this article. If this is not done, the chances of having a withdrawn and aggressive dog are highly likely.
However, what happens when you are in no place to time the development of a dog?

Here’s a short story to help you understand this point

A pet lover had this initial plight with a dog they named Bright. She was a restless and aggressive dog they adopted from a shelter down south. The moment they saw her, they were filled with both love and compassion.

From the information available at the time, it was gathered that she had had a traumatic past before ending up in the shelter. Based on the above, it was therefore understandable that she was kind of a pain in the behind at first. She had been through a lot of abuse and neglect. This affected her ability to deal with situations, people, and other dogs appropriately.
Well, this piece is not about Bright so we will not go on and on about her. Let’s cut to the chase by examining the following questions:

  • How did Bright end up as the lively, calm, healthy, and lovable dog that she eventually became?
  • Is there anything the new owners did to rectify her faulty social qualities?
  • How did they get an unsettled, violent, and withdrawn dog to fare better?
  • Hello and welcome to the possibilities of CBD treatment!

What Is CBD?

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CBD is an abbreviation for the word cannabidiol. It is a medicinal derivative from the hemp or cannabis plant. This cannabis-based compound is safe and isolated from THC. What does this mean?

CBD versus THC

When the name Cannabis, hemp, and marijuana springs up, many people form mind pictures of high and stoned people. So, that begs the question, does CBD have the same effect?

The answer is NO! Although a derivative from the cannabis plant, this medicinal compound is not like the THC. Unlike the THC, the CBD derivative is isolated and free of any constitute that can get you or your dog stoned.
In any of the different forms, it can come in – powdery, oily, or treats, your pet will not experience the high or stoned feeling.

The Enormous Health Benefit of CBD

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This medicinal discovery and product are in a league of its own. It is exceptionally good at so many things though it is particularly known for its health benefits. Such benefits include a tumor-fighting component which is especially important in combating canine cancer.

Also, for pets with intense physical pain such as arthritis, the use of this product offers immense relief. It is a safe and organic pain reliever for animals with this and other conditions. Furthermore, it helps address the joint and muscle complications caused by these health issues.

Compared to other alternatives, it has fewer side effects.

Though widely criticized by some conservative folks, isn’t it amazing to know that the hemp plant has this much medicinal value?

Beyond Health Benefits – CBD as a Psychological Aid

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We have spent some time enumerating some of the health benefits of CBD treatment. However, there is more to this incredible discovery. How is this? Aside from treating health complications, these products are potent antidepressants. They have medicinal components that can help your pets with various anxiety and depression issues.

When used properly, the effects of these products do not take forever to be noticed. One particularly grateful dog owner was mouthy about the impact of CBD on her dog’s wellbeing. Just like in the case of Bright above, it had severe separation anxiety issues.

In as little as a week, she stressed the positive impact of this drug on her dog. As against the previous behavior, it was freer around other pets, people, cooperative during training, and regular walks, among other things.

Sharing this example is particularly important for parents to canines with such tendency. This is especially so considering how canine psychological complications are mostly handled with levity. To fully help pet owners understand this, let’s briefly explain the separation anxiety condition.

About Separation Anxiety

For the records, this condition validates that dogs are emotional animals and this point should be respected. This condition can spring up as a result of a traumatic upbringing or from something as seemingly little as neglect.
The consequential effects of separation anxiety make pet-parenting a nightmare. Considering this, canine owners should be open to exploring the scientifically proven CBD treatment.
Such dogs become withdrawn, unfriendly, show poor social skills, are difficult to train, aggressive and destructive, among many other negative tendencies.

Dealing with Separation Anxiety

To avoid or resolve this condition, you can do two major things:

First, understand that your pet has emotions and that you are to respect that. You should pay your canine the required attention. Spend quality time with it: go for walks, dog shows, offer treats, give positive appraisal, do not yell, or resort to physical abuse.

Secondly, be open to the benefits of CBD treatment, particularly in its oil and treat form. However, you are to stick to the prescription from the veterinarian or product label. This is especially necessary to avoid the possibility of suffering any of the minimal side effects that CBD can have.

You can visit petcbdcommunity to read more about the health benefits of CBD treatment.

On a Final Note

Aside from your dog’s physical and health state, you should pay attention to its emotional wellbeing. In helping your pet be in the right mental and psychological state, CBD treatment can be of great help. However, ensure that your CBD product purchases are done right. Seeking the assistance of a veterinarian may be immensely helpful in this regard.