What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Curacao

Curacao is amongst the heavenly places on earth. An island in the Caribbean sea can be your ideal destination for an upcoming vacation. The place is full of natural wonders. The beaches along the unending oceans of Curacao are covered with white sand, and the city’s colorful, vibrant environment and hospitality make it an attractive tourist destination.

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When is the Best Time to Visit Curacao?

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Curacao is the ideal place in the Caribbean sea full of natural wonders and warm tropical weather all along the year. Most tourists in Curacao come to escape the freezing winter season and spend a week or two to enjoy the warm tropical weather. Hence, the best time to make your way to Curacao starts from early December and continues till mid-April.

On average, the highest temperature during the peak season ranges between 82°F to 86°F, and the lowest temperature can fall down to 75°F to 77°F. The tropical climate and irresistible natural beauty make this place an attractive tourist destination all along the year.

1. Peak Season (December to April)

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If you are planning to visit Curacao in-between December to April, then you will find the maximum crowd on the beaches of Curacao. The peak season starts from December and stretches till mid-April. The time between these months is the best time of the year to visit Curacao, and you will see the beaches flooded with people all around.

Most of the visitors in Curacao find this time of the year suitable, so they get to spend their week away from the cold northern climate. Also, during this period, children get winter holidays from school that makes the perfect opportunity for a complete family vacation.

The climate is pretty sunny and warm, with tropical winds hitting the beaches make December to April the perfect time to visit these Caribbean islands. Since this time of the year is the peak season, then it is better for you to start planning to book your tickets months in advance or else finding last-minute accommodation sounds quite impossible.

Hotels and resorts have extra rooms for last-minute accommodations, but they charge a very high price making double profits. Also, book your rental services in advance if you are 100% sure about your vacation in Curacao to avoid any last-minute trouble.

Going on a vacation during the peak season has several benefits, including enjoying the best weather, visiting new places, trying new cuisine, meeting a lot of new people, and much more. Hence, start planning early to get the most out of your vacation in Curacao.

2. Shoulder Season (May to August)

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Several people prefer traveling in shoulder season because that is the time when you can expect a little less crowd than peak season. The shoulder season is the time between peak season and off-peak season. The shoulder season begins in May and stretches till August.

This time of the year is also good to visit the heavenly beaches of Curacao. The weather is decent, and you don’t expect much crowd because schools and offices are working this time of the year, so people don’t prefer to go on vacation between these months. Moreover, the temperature is quite hotter.

The streets and beaches have moderate traffic, and you can find a space to have a relaxing and lavishing vacation with your friends and family. If you are looking to meet new people, socialize, check out events and beach parties, then better book your tickets for the peak season.

You can find quick accommodation after reaching Curacao island, but still, it’s recommended to look for accommodations at least a month in advance so you can avail yourself of rooms at an affordable price. Also, you won’t find the best places to stay as it will already be preoccupied with other tourists. You won’t face any problems with rental services, restaurants, eateries, and other services.

3. Low Season (September to November)

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The low season or the off-peak season lasts not more than three months. It begins in September when the temperature is at its peak and continues till November. If you want a peaceful and relaxing vacation, then you can choose this time of the year. This is usually a quieter time to spend your vacation in Curacao.

You don’t have to worry about throngs of people hanging around you. It is difficult to spot any tourists on the beaches and streets, or there might be few others like you. You don’t have to worry about looking for accommodations. You can find the best places to stay at affordable prices in no time. You can even get the best deals on flight tickets.

There are many seasonal services that you won’t be able to avail like sightseeing tours are satisfactory, difficult to find club parties, restaurants and eateries don’t cook a variety of dishes, and plenty of other reasons to avoid choosing this time of the year to visit Curacao island.

The weather is quite hotter, and the temperature is at its peak at this time of the year. You might get tired soon and won’t have the energy left for other activities. Also, there is no fun going for a vacation with no visitors or tourists.

The Bottom-line

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Curacao is amongst the ideal destinations to enjoy warm tropical weather all along the year. The Caribbean island has plenty of exquisite places to visit and varieties of cuisines and seafood to eat. The best time to visit Curacao Island is during its peak season, but you can choose a different time of the year if you want to spend a peaceful and relaxing vacation. Both peak season and off-peak season have their benefits. It depends on you which time of the year your schedule is clear to go for a vacation.