Best plants for your bedroom

Plants can do so much for your home. They look beautiful, they can have stunning blooms, they can purify the air in your room, and make space look more peaceful. They can help create a calming atmosphere in the room and even work on freshening up the air for you. Feeling less stressed and having a clean, fresh air constantly in your bedroom is great preparation for bed. Some plants that don’t require too much light and don’t have an intense smell are perfect for bedrooms as you’ll find it difficult to sleep next to a really strong smell.

Madagascar dragon plant

Madagascar dragon plant
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This plant has unique, beautiful sword-like leaves and looks really attractive. It is one of the most popular indoor plants as it’s pretty low-maintenance and isn’t going to die quickly due to neglect. It’s pretty independent and can recover quickly. They are, however, slow growers as it can take them around 10 years to grow to be around 5ft tall. They can also be beneficial for you as they are one of NASA’s air-filtering plants that reduce the amounts of benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene in the air.

However, if you have pets, it’s best to avoid this plant as it can be toxic for dogs and cats.

Corn plant

This is a tall and resilient plant that has beautiful, unique looking leaves. They kind of look like palms and are sometimes even called “false palms.” As the dragon plant, corn plant has air-purifying abilities which makes it a great indoor plant. They love humidity, well-drained soil and a lot of indirect sunlight. They are good for purifying the air, but these plants are also not safe for pets. They can get over 6ft tall and are quite low-maintenance. Their flowers are stunning, but they might not flower indoors. This plant can look amazing in a modern-looking, teak pot that has a marble pattern such as the one you can find on

Snake plant

Snake plant

Another resilient, tolerant plant that can look fresh and nice even after being neglected for a while. However, try not to neglect your plants! Just because they can handle it, doesn’t mean they have to. Snake plant can, like the first two plants, clean the air of many toxic gasses. They can thrive even in low light, drought, and have few insect problems. They do love indirect sunlight and you shouldn’t water them too much. All of the species of snake plant are native to tropical and sub-tropical regions of Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Calathea lancifolia

This is an intriguing, exotic, Amazonian plant that is also pet-friendly. The leaves are dark and have intricate patterns and wavy edges. It thrives in warm and humid areas and blooms in late spring. It doesn’t require too much attention, but it isn’t as resilient as the first three plants on our list. If you stop watering it or leave on the cold for too long, it might die. It is safe for kids and pets and can grow to be around 30 inches tall.