Best homemade Mother’s Day Gifts – Unique and Creative Mothers Day Gifts

If there is a holiday in which it is the thought that counts when making a gift is Mother’s Day. Believe me when I tell you that mothers will always appreciate more a gift that comes from the heart that one that comes from a store.

For that reason making an awesome handmade item will be forever appreciated by your mother, something that is built to last and that she will treasure for years to come will always be more important than an impersonal gift from a store which just looks like you just wanted to get done with it and move on.

A homemade crafty gift is packed with a meaningful message to your mother, that you truly care for her and that you know her tastes. Hopefully, this list will help you put a huge smile on your mother’s face.

Let’s start with something basic a Ring Dish made out of Marbled Clay. If you are a men reading this, then you probably don’t know that keeping tracks of their rings is a real struggle for women, so, by creating a cheerful and colorful dish you can help them keep their rings in one awesome looking place.

If you wish to gift her something special and original you can’t go wrong with a Teacup Candle, all you need is to combine a vintage cup its correspondent saucer and a candle, and you’ll be given your mom something to light up and relax after a long day.

If you are handier with power tools than you are with a needle, then this next item will be perfect for you, Pounded Flower Tote, the concept here is that you grab a canvas a pounded actual flower onto it with a hammer until they get “printed”.

There are mothers out there that enjoy a nice glass of wine every now and then, so much so, that a single bottle could last them more than a few days, you can help her keep that wine fresh with some homemade Wine Stoppers made out of Geode, this will take you less than fifteen minutes to make, and you can make a whole bunch of different colors and different shapes as a sort of “collection” that she can even use to decorate her kitchen with.

It isn’t weird to have a mom who loves to cut and that spends most of her time in the kitchen, so, instead of gifting her some generic cutting board, you can make one yourself out of marble using a double toned marble to give an awesome chic look to her kitchen, for sure it will be a gift she’ll enjoy for a long time.

Using the same principle as the Teacup Candles, you can also make Glass Candles, you can decorate the glass in any way you want to and placed the candle, most of the times, they will end up displaying the glass somewhere noticeable without ever lighting the candle, just to keep the gift intact for the years to come, and that is the beauty of homemade gifts they will endure.