Top 5 Myths About Bangalore Every Non Bangalorean Should Know

Bengaluru has always been known as the seat of science, technology, culture, history and intellectual inventiveness and the myth and metaphor for the modern India. Being the IT capital and cosmopolitan city that Bengaluru is it also widely held to be one of the most expensive cities in live in.

  • Myth 1 – Not – so – happening work culture: All in all India may not be having the most exciting work culture truthfully speaking, but the story here is different. The working population here seems to be creative and proactive and people are constantly striving to bring out new ideas and acting upon them too. It is the place where innovation, business and learning go hand in hand and pioneering ideas that rest of the India has not even heard of.
  • Myth 2 – Inefficient Bureaucracy -: When the term ‘Bureaucracy comes to our mind in our country we often equate it with slow, lethargic business entities driven aimlessly. But here in Bengaluru the quality and speed at which the top management is able to materialize and implement its policies and strategies is overwhelming, no wonder it is one the most technologically advanced and futuristic cities in India.
  • Myth 3 – The moderate weather – With steady and extensive economic growth the development has taken its toll on the urban planning and pollution control in the city, and Bengaluru may not any longer hold the reputation of being a ‘garden city’ boasting of its moderate climate throughout the year. The city has a rising traffic problem with 6-7 million vehicles plying over the roads gaining the infamous title of having the worst road density among metros. The population has rose manifold due to the migrating work culture and there has been no balancing in face of rapid industrialization. The well-planned city that Bengaluru was known as decades back has seen a breakdown in terms of urban planning.
  • Myth 3 – Unproductive work force: It is a myth that the work force is inefficient and do not seem to achieve the level of productivity it boasts of. The work force here is known to deliver outstanding results in a time bound manner striving to push the companies forward.
  • Myth 4 – Politically driven work environments: The professional environment here is rather adaptable, progressive and open to change if they see that it is for overall development, rather than resorting to political debates the professional ethics remains intact here.

Myth 5- Expensive city – Though Bengaluru has a high cost of living it is not such that one cannot manage to find a decent and affordable living here.  You need the correct information and need to know the people to help you out where most professional housing companies will lead you to something always expensive and unlivable.