Eating Mushrooms Can Delay Aging – Benefits Of Eating Mushrooms

If there is something all humans dream about is finding the mythological Fountain of Youth that has enriched so many stories throughout human History.

Everyone wishes they could stop aging and people are always looking for whatever new way they could slow down the aging process or the aging signs.

So, when the news broke out that if you wanted to combat the effects of aging, all you would have to do is ordered your pizza with extra Mushrooms.

Studies conducted by several renowned institutions have concluded that without a doubt mushrooms is the single best source of two specific types of anti-oxidants with anti-aging properties. They are Ergothioneine and Glutathione, they can be found in several kinds of mushrooms, but in some more than others.

The one mushroom to rule them all or the one that contains the most quantities of those two anti-oxidants is the Porcini Mushroom, the amounts found on this mushrooms are actually by far the highest than any other species tested. The next best kind of mushroom is the white button, which also has some pretty decent amounts of these anti-oxidants.

The best part is that the mushrooms will maintain their properties even after being cooked. Now, don’t get the study wrong, it doesn’t mean that eating mushrooms for dinner regularly will keep you forever 21, but they will help your body fight off those diseases that are linked to aging, like coronary heart diseases, cancer, and even the big bad Alzheimer’s.

What is relevant about this recent study, is that we have finally broken through the mysteries of aging. As you may or may not be aware of within our bodies there are some things called “Free Radicals” and they are the responsible for the destruction of our healthy cells, for that reasons, it is important that we eat foods rich in anti-oxidants, so we can help our bodies fight off those pesky free radicals.

Yes, the body has a natural way to deal with free radicals, but while it can control most of them, those who are left are more than able to create big problems for us in the long run, causing diseases as bad as cancer, Alzheimer’s and coronary heart diseases.

Enter, Mushrooms, a food which is a massive source of anti-oxidants, and they are all great sources of it, albeit some more than others. Thanks to this research Doctors and nutrition experts are recommending people to eat more mushrooms, to be a permanent ingredient in our diets as to enjoy the full benefits of this amazing anti-oxidant and anti-aging food, which even after being cooked will maintain all of its amazing properties, so next time you are out dinner, don’t forget to pick something with a lot of mushrooms in it.