Bangalore: Women Chases Molesters and Hands Them Over To Police

BENGALURU: A 25-year-old woman residing in Kundalahalli, Bangalore as a pain guest was reportedly attacked by a man who tried to strip her clothes on the road in front of the public. The woman is a software engineer and fought back with this guy, chased him, and filed a case against him in the nearby police station.

A bar-bender misbehaved with a software Engineer and tried stripping off her clothes

The incident took place this Wednesday when the lady went out for a regular walk at around 9:30 pm. The criminal Vijay Kumar molested the woman and tried to strip her t-shirt on the road near her PG accommodation. According to the statement given by the police, this man leaped at the woman and put her down on the ground. However, this software engineer had enough courage to stand up and chase the man. Vijay Kumar, a bar-bender got panic and ran watching the furious lady. Taking the help of the people present around the incident, the victim successfully chased Vijay and handed him to the police.

The report was filed in Marathahalli police station on Wednesday. However, initially, the response of the police to the case was not favoring the lady. This is because the police found the man drunk and thereby they consider the happening of the incident due to the influence of alcohol. The police further added that the attacker was not at all aware of his actions. But, the victim clarified that the man misbehaved with her intentionally and tried stripping off her clothes on the road. Since there was no evidence confirming that Vijay Kumar was drunk, the police finally decided to file the complaint of the lady and arrested the man on Thursday, June 7. The woman belongs to Odisha and lives in Bhubaneswar. The woman settled in Bangalore during April 2018 as she got a job in the IT sector.

Another woman was physically molested near ECC apartment in Bangalore

Drivers molested a woman near ECC road Whitefield Bangalore this Thursday. According to the statement provided by a 30-year-old lady working in a private firm, a gang of five people came on a bike and blocked her way while she was returning home from work. On asking the security guard of ECC apartment, the owner of these bikes was the driver of a private school. There were a total of five bikes operated by school drivers. The lady came out of the car and questioned the drivers about “why did they place their bikes in the middle of the streets”? However, rather than removing their bikes, the five drivers misbehaved with the lady by touching her improperly. The report of the woman was filed in the nearby police station and the police are taking certain actions to find out the attackers and arrest them.