Bangalore University to now directly send the TCs at students residence via courier rather than handing over in hand

After seeing the troubles faced by the students in order to get the transfer certificates from their respective colleges, the Commerce and Management department of Bangalore University (BU) has come with a solution in favour of the students.

Dr Muninarayanappa, the chairman and dean of post-graduate commerce department said that, “We have ensured that no student will get a TC in hand. It will all be couriered to the colleges.”

From now onwards, BU is going to directly send the transfer certificates to students residence/ address registered with the university via courier charges.

Till now the students had no role in the TC issue method as the University used to handover it to the colleges and from their student could collect it. Even, this wasn’t easy as the colleges had specified time during which the students could get it from the college. The emergency situation was even worse, first the student had to visit the college and approach the staff multiple times in order to get a letter signed by them and then send it to the University and then wait for them to send it to the respective student.

The new regulation of sending the TC directly to the students have come after few irregularities by college in handing over the certificate to students and multiple complaints by students of the problems faced in this case.
Though, this measure has been taken by the BU but still there lies a question that will BU charge the courier charges or it will itself bear it. If it charges it from the students then again it would be a loss to them rather than a measure for their benefit.

A senior officer of commerce department of BU said that it should be the university beari ng the courier charges rather than taking it from the students. He further added that for this the individual department needs to set up a different fund from which the charges would be born. Thus, for this purpose the commerce and management department are setting up a contingency fund to meet the requirements.

On being asked about from where would the money for courier come, Muninarayanappa answered “We were using departmental funds since the contingency funds were not ready. Now we have asked the university officials to ensure contingency funds exist for all these purposes.”

This is a departmental policy rather than a measure by the BU as admissions and TCs are the look out of a particular department rather than the University.