Bangalore Shocker – Bengaluru Techie Sexually Exploits Minor Daughter

Kengeri, Bangalore: A mother of two daughters has reported to the local court of her ex- husband having molested and sexually harassed her elder daughter for quite some time. As per her reports, she and her husband had approved and gotten a divorce done. The father has also been reported as a 37 year old man working as a software engineer. The couple were originally from Bihar and had settled in Sweden, after a number of years working in distinct cities.

After the divorce, the father of the two girl children moved to Bangalore, with the custody of the elder daughter and the younger daughter was with the mother. Timing and allowances were also made to both the parents for meeting their children, who were with the either partner. Timings were allowed to each parent for meeting their other children only once in a week.

During a visit to her elder daughter in a mall in Kormangala, she came to know of her daughter being sexually being exploited by her father. This has been reported by the mother of the 6 year old minor, who said that the daughter herself confessed this, mentioning that all of this usually happened in the name of helping her with the daily bath and has also assured her mother that there is no communication between the 6 year old and her father.

The couple got married in 2016, and moved to Bangalore in 2016. The court is in question as in why even after the mother, having known about her daughter’s predicament 2 years ago, had made no court case or even advanced towards the police.

An FIR had been launched by the mother recently, and on that basis the police force had also gone to Kormangala to know of the father’s whereabouts. His mobile phone was switched off and there was zero communication between the father of the supposed 6 year old victim and the police force.

The mother had filed a case in a local court in Bangalore. The case has been taken under the protection of children from Sexual Offences Act. When the case had been reported in the local cort, the police belonging to Kengeri took this case forward. The elder daughter, as mentioned above is 6 years old, and the younger one is only a year old, and was born in Bangalore, as reported by the mother. The divorce took place in a Swedish court and, it was ascertained by the court that the younger daughter gets to stay with the mother, and the elder daughter with the father. The divorce was also a mutually consented decision and both of them had readily agreed that distances between them would be better.

The case is not being enforced in it full fledge and to be taken in the correct consideration, certain arrangements are being made for a meet with the minor and the supposed victim. Her words will be taken into account and the details will construct the nature of the proceedings.