5 Ways You Can Save Water and Help Save Your City

On this world water day, we all should ignore the serious problem of water, that is getting lesser and lesser with every passing day. Be it global warming or deforestation, we cannot deny the fact that drinking water is depleting gradually and if anything is not now, the coming generations will bear the punishment of our mistake. Water is a non-renewable source, which means once used, it is gone. Just for a second imagine, there is no or very less drinking water available in next fifty years, how will the next generation survive? The speed at which water is vanishing from earth, it seems like in a few years time water will be sold costlier than gold.

News such as Cape Town in South America officially announcing itself as dry are all the more shocking. In order to avoid such circumstances, let us start working on saving water from today itself. We have listed down few ways to save water in the kitchen.

1. Remember to close the tap when not in use: it is a common habit that while washing utensils or vegetables or anything else, we leave the water running. Not bothering to give a thought that how much water is being wasted. This excessive wastage of water can be avoided by simply closing the tap when not in use.

2. Utilise the purifier water: if seen the data, you will be shocked to know the amount of water purifier wastes. It drains away almost 3 litres of water to every 1 litre that it purifies. To use this water, you can out the pipe that discards the unpure water in a bucket and when it is full, you can use that water in your washing machine, to water the plants, wash your vehicles or even mopping the floor.

3. Re-utilise the water used to wash vegetables: once the vegetables are washed, you usually tend to drain away the water. Do not do it, instead use the water for other household chores, like for your plants or in the garden.

4. Use electric boiler to boil anything instead of the gas:  when anything is boiled in the gas, it uses an excessive amount of water. Of which half hets vaporised and the remaining has to be drained as it is of no use. To prevent this use an electric boiler. It requires a lesser amount of water to boil anything and also it boils faster on the electric boiler compared to the gas, which again saves your time.

5. Do not overfill the glasses: fill only that much water in the glass, that you need to drink. Filling the glass to the brim and then not drinking the entire water, only results in throwing away the left over. You can go for a refill, if you want more, this will be a better option rather than wasting it.

As per the data recorded, on an average, a single high-income house consumes at least 600 litres of water every day. Out of which, 15 litres or more per day is used in the kitchen. While washing machines almost gulp in 30 litres of water every day. So if you manage t=your usage of water and reuse it, you can save ample amount in a day. And remember charity starts with your own home, so from today itself, start saving the water. You can make a difference by starting from your house and setting the trend to be followed, resulting in quite a lot of water saved every day, for the coming days and coming generations.