Bangalore Couple Attempt Suicide Over Facebook Likes

A 23-year-old woman, Soumya Anoop, a housewife along with her husband was found hanging on the ceiling in North Bangalore while their 2-year-old son was sitting in the drawing room. The suicide attempt was reportedly made due to the allegations thrown by Anoop, a 28-year-old, deputy manager in Peenya on her wife regarding her addiction to social media such as Facebook. On Monday, June 11, the couples hanged themselves in two separate rooms. Though it has not been confirmed that who has committed the suicide initially, as per the statement given by the police, they suspect that either husband or a wife found their other half hanging in the ceiling and he/she following their partner committed suicide in panic.

The couples belonging to Kodagu region of Somawarpet were shifted to Ramaiah Layout in Bangalore and were living there happily for more than 1 year. However, Anoop was disappointed with her wife who used to spend most of her time on Facebook. Before attempting suicide, Anoop gave several warnings to Soumya. The couples also had a huge verbal combat on the night prior to the incident regarding the same matter. According to the sources, Anoop even called the brother of Soumya (Ravichandran) and requested him to take his sister back as he was no more interested to continue his life with her. Ravichandran persuaded and requested Anoop to not take harsh decisions. He further added that he will soon visit Bangalore and talk to her sister in this matter. During the same hours i.e., around 7 in the morning, Soumy Anoop made a call to Ravichandran and requested him to pay a visit to Bangalore. Plus, she also disclosed the entire fuss she was going through.

Ravichandran, as promised to her sister, arrived at Bangalore on Monday morning. However, when he reached his sister’s residence and tried knocking on the door, neither anyone opened the door nor could he hear the response. Ravichandran instantly called the police and informed them regarding the same. The cops immediately reached the incident spot and broke the door. They found a 2-year-old boy named Hardhik sitting on the drawing room, Soumya hanging on the fan, and Anoop hanging in another room. On investigation, the police didn’t find suicide notes written by either of them. According to the final statement given by Ravichandra, the police termed the incident as an unnatural death and handed over the dead bodies to their respective families after their postmortem.

The police have also recorded the statement of the people residing nearby the couple’s residence and the landlady Lakshmi Devi. According to their reports, the neighbors heard the clash and arguments that took place on Sunday night. The reason behind this suicide can be Facebook, police added.