Bangalore: 20 Guys Assaulted Girl Cousin and Friends In Bangalore

Bangalore: A man has been continuously stalking and harassing a girl for more than 2 years. A school going girl recently studying in 10th standard became the victim of harassment. The cousin and friends of this girl filed a complaint to the Bengaluru police regarding the same matter. However, victim’s cousin was severely beaten up by the stalker along with the gang comprising 20 members.

The accused man named Vikram Gowda was stalking the girl for about two years. Announcing and clarifying his love for this girl, Vikram further stated that he used to follow her from home to school and vice versa. This 16-year-old girl declined the proposal of the accused and revealed the entire fuss to her family.

However, on disclosing the name of the stalker, he was none other than the friend of one of her cousins ‘Pramod’. On hearing the case, Pramod immediately recognized Vikram and went to his residence to discuss the matter. Pramod confronted the accused to stop harassing his sister. However, rather than apologizing for the misbehavior, Vikram Gowda declined the confrontation. Instead, he asked Pramod to aid him to gain the Girl’s response. Listening to this Pramod became furious and filed a complaint against Vikram in the nearby police station.

On Sunday, during the daytime, the accused with 20 members carrying hockey sticks and bats went to the palace of Pramod and assaulted him. Chamarajpet police took instant action against Vikram and the entire group and charged them attempt to murder case. Besides Vikram, Deepu, Lodde Praveen, and etc aged 20-24 years were considered as the assaulters. However, Before police would have reached the incident spot, Pramod and two of his friends were injured to a great extent.

According to the statement given by the Girl’s aunt, Vikram was following her niece for past two years and even after several warnings he did not stop. “We even informed Vicky’s parents regarding the matter, but the results were same. Plus, my son went to Vicky and asked him to discontinue the misbehavior but he refused him and hit him along with a gang of youngsters,” added Pramod’s mother.

After the confrontation, Pramod started accompanying her sister to school and other spots. Pramod’s mother said that Vikram and his friends attacked Pramod earlier as well. As per her statement, under the impact of hazardous drugs, Vikram called Pramod in Deer Park and assaulted him a year back. After this incident, Pramod’s mother went to Vicky’s residence and complained about the matter to his parents. However, his parents said that they used to hear such complaints very often and that they are helpless in this matter.

From then on, the harassment became severe and Vicky started stalking the girl and followed her at all the spots she visits. On this Sunday, when Pramod was with his two friends Lokesh and Mukunda, Vicky and his gang came up with hockey sticks and brass knuckles and hit Pramod on his head.