What They Don’t Tell You About Atkins Diet to Lose Weight

Many people feel bad sometimes because they cannot keep their body at an ideal weight; they feel that they lack shape in their body and that it is impossible for them to lose weight. This has become a real problem for most people. However, there are several ways to combat this problem. Next, we will explore some of the tools and diets that can help you control your body and your weight.

In magazines and on different publications there are different diets, but only some have been proven and are effective, so you have to be careful and always have the attention of a doctor at the time of starting a diet to lose weight. There are different diets that can be adapted to each organism and even to the way you want to lose weight, for example; The Atkins diet is a low carbohydrate plan that focuses more on protein intake. It is highly recommended for abrupt weight loss.

Most diets to lose weight maintain the same form, only that some have variants. Some of these allow you to eat all the proteins you can and even fat, but you must be very careful and drastically reduce carbohydrate intake. A very low level of these should be maintained. You can eat as many times as you want a day, however, you should avoid carbohydrates in all or most meals.

Popularity of Atkins Diet can be attributed to its no limits at mealtime plan, but only reduce carbohydrates, and somehow keep eating gives a placebo effect to people and at the same time, they are losing weight.

What is the Atkins diet?
The Atkins diet has a series of characteristics:
• Days of completion: 30 days.
• It allows a significant decrease in weight in a short time.
• Guarantees a weight loss of 4.5 kilos (9 pounds) in 2 weeks.
• You can eat all the meats, fish and cheeses you want.
• It suppresses the sugars of any type during several weeks. Then they are incorporated from 5 to 5 g for a few weeks.
• Carbohydrates are very limited, and only vegetables provide them. They remain below 40-60 g per day. A normal diet includes 300 g of carbohydrates per day.
• Eating a long list of foods is prohibited:
• Bread and cakes.
• Ice cream, candy, and cookies.
• Pasta, cereals, and rice.
• Milk and yogurt
• Fruits and some vegetables.
• Products with starch, such as bread and pasta.
• After 15 days the regimen becomes flexible including:
• Some vegetables, fruits, and dairy.

How Dr. Atkins Diet Works
The key to the Atkins intensive regimen lies in the body’s metabolism. Carbohydrates contribute a large part of the energy to the muscles and the brain. When they are scarce, the body gets the energy from fats. When you stop eating rice or bread, the adipose tissue is consumed, thus eliminating the typical “rolls”. At least that’s what Dr. Atkins says in his book.

We recommend that you clean the pantry of all foods and ingredients that are unhealthy. This includes ice cream, soft drinks, breakfast cereals, bread, juices, and sugar and wheat flour.