Simple 4 Phase Atkins Diet Plan for Weight Loss and Meal Plans

The Atkins Diet focuses on eating high quantities of protein for losing weight. It also allows you to eat fats as much as you want. For the diet to actually work, it is necessary to reduce greatly the consumption of carbohydrates. So, the intake of carbohydrates will be limited in order to balance the consumption of all the proteins and fats.

People who have tried the Atkins diet have also researched about a lot of other diets that claim equal or major efficiency in weight loss. Nevertheless, it is important to point out that these other diet plans are usually focused on restraining the amount of calories that you eat based on the actual quantity of food, meaning that these diets are or end up being harmful for your health.

In the case of Atkins diet you will be substituting some kinds of food with others. This means that your body will continue getting all the energy and nutrients that it needs in order not to bring up any health issue. This is the main reason why the Atkins Diet have become so popular among people who are looking forward to losing weight and are big fans of delicious food.

Four Phrases in the Atkins Diet Plan

            Phase 1 – Induction Phase

            For the phase one you are supposed to eat only 20 grams of carbohydrates for two weeks tops. As it was previously mentioned, you will be able to eat as much fats and proteins as you want. Actually, it is recommended to eat a lot of fats and proteins. Nevertheless, since you will have to cut down on carbs, you are able to eat only low-carbs vegetables. And this will give the start kick that you need for getting into the Atkins Diet Plan.

Phase 2 – Balancing Phase

            The second stage begins after week 2 and its period of time will depend on the system of each particular person. This phase consists of the beginning of losing weight in your body. Here you will start enjoying all the benefits that this new way of eating offers you. You will be able to get used to eating nuts, vegetables and some prescribed fruits.

Phrase 3 – Body Toning Phase

            Beginning your 3r phase you will notice how your body loses weight without much trouble and feeling that you are not giving up on food but enjoying the new flavors and eat as much protein and fats as you want. You feel that you are getting close to your ideal weight. In this stage, you will be able to add a bigger portion of carbs, not a big one but one you should always maintain and if you often change it, your body will start reacting negatively to such changes.

            Phase 4 – Maintenance

            This phase begins right after you succeed on obtaining your ideal weight. After achieving your ultimate goal, you will be eager to maintain your current weight which means that you should continue with the plan as long as you want to avoid regaining the weight that you have already lost with all this time and effort.