The best quality meats and farm fresh products along with the greatest family friendly service, Arlan’s Market have offered since 1991 are going to be found in premises at very affordable prices during the seven days of the week.

As this week’s offers, Arlan’s Market have in the meat department the most juicy fryer leg quarters just a pound for 49 cents, as well as the equal juicy assorted pork chops at $1.19 a pound, and if you prefer a good stake we offer the U.S.D.A Angus Beef Top Sirloin with a price of $3.69 per pound.

Also in stock Arlan’s Market have the USDA Ground Beef for just $1.99 a pound and the bone-in center cut fresh pork chops at $1.69 Lb. You can take home for just $1.79 per pound some of the fresh chicken wings you can find and, furthermore, fresh bone-in pork sirloin roasts for just $1.19 a pound.

Looking for some fresh fruits and vegetables, in their premises there are some of the best ever:

  • 1 pound of strawberries already packed in a container for $1.98.
  • Just 78 cents a pound and some large seedless oranges are totally yours
  • Granny, Red or Gala Apples in Snack size can be taken for simply 4 for a dollar.
  • A bag of Clementines can be yours for $3.98.
  • Two sweet yellow corn can be bought for just one dollar
  • For just 88 cents a pound you can buy large Roma Tomatoes.
  • For the same price of the tomatoes, calabacita squash and jalapeno peppers can be also acquired.
  • Need some fresh onions? Take two pounds for just $1
  • And the red seedless grapes are just $1.98 a pound

Do you want to get some snacks? Take advantage of the offer in Cheetos and Lay’s Potato Chips. The first one are two for just $5 and the Potato Chips can be gotten at $3.99 each package.

Other offers included in this list are:

  • Blue Bell Ice Cream, selected flavors $4.99 per gallon
  • 20 pack Coca Cola, Diet Coke or Sprite just for $5.99 each.
  • A 6 pack of 0.5 liter bottles of Big Red, 7-Up or A&W are only 3 for $9

The prices are valid until May 1st, 2018.