Apple iPhone SE 2 Date, Price, Camera, Battery, Screen and Features

There have been rumors going around regarding the release of the iPhone SE 2. However, none of them were actually reliable until recently, it appeared some very strong rumors that claim that this highly expected smartphone will be launched by the Apple Company in May 2018. Even though everybody is filled with expectation and excitement, it is important to understand that even if these rumors were true in the first place, the date might be changed by the company. Since keeping the launch date secret helps them to easily move the dates as they need it without having to convince everybody that the change was for a greater good, in a sort of speaking.

This new device is said to be powered by one of their most recent chipsets, the A10 fusion Chipset which was released with the iPhone 7 and 7 plus in 2016. This means that the series will have an upgrade from the iPhone SE’s A9 SoC which makes amazing news since this means that the new smartphone will be more powerful that its previous versions.

Apple is looking for upgrading its smartphones and taking them to the next level. To make the SE 2 a more modern design, they have removed the 3.5 mm. headphone jack. However, the general design seems to be very similar to its predecessor.

The Touch ID sensor will remain in the frontal part of the phone which will make it unique since the trend is that all fingerprint sensors should be on the rear. There won’t be any notches or Face ID sensor in the phone but it might include a support for Qi wireless charging. This piece of information was taken from a picture that was leaked but the information itself might be mistaken.

Apparently, there will be some changes and upgrades in the most budged smartphone of the Apple Company. Nevertheless, we still have to wait and see what the real device will be exactly in order to be able to judge with more accuracy and precision since not even the release date is assured.