Apple iPhone 9 What To Expect and Rumour RoundUp

In our modern world, ones of the best sellers in smartphones are, without any doubts, Apple’s iPhone models. Apple has become extremely rich and famous thanks to these beautiful smartphones which are becoming bigger and bigger in quantity. This is because iPhone models are not only freshly designed with stylish cases and classy appearance but they also offer excellent performance and a variety of features that keep Apple’s followers always expecting for more new models.

If we think about the number of models that apple has released, we found ourselves with great number of remarkable phones that are beautifully designed. Considering all this, it is important to keep in mind that even if we find an iPhone 8 and an iPhone X which a lot of people insist in calling it iPhone 10, we come to realized that apple hasn’t released an iPhone 9 and according to the rumors and leaks, the idea of apple being secretly designing an iPhone 9 for surprising its followers is pretty much discarded.

In addition, being so little information about and not having any response from Apple regarding the possibility of having the iPhone 9 released in future events like conventions and such; have increased the curiosity of the public to a point that iPhone followers are claiming for having an iPhone 9. They don’t lose hope to the possibility of having the iPhone 9 being released in a couple of years as a special edition with different versions in low cost and deluxe boxes.

Some experts claim that Apple invests a lot of money, time and effort in marketing, meaning that they have become extremely skilled in the art or advertising. This means that they have the capacity of performing marketing research at scale and not having to worry much about repercussions thanks to the company’s strength and stability. The point of this is that Apple might have intentionally skipped releasing the iPhone 9 as a method of advertising and maintaining tis followers waiting for the launch of the iPhone 9. Others just say that the project for iPhone 9 wasn’t finished and they decided to skip it.