Aldi Weekly Ads, Coupons and Deals

Aldi is an incredibly large company that has its headquarters in Germany and that has more than 10,366 locations in Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States. It main products are Food, sanitary articles, beverages, and household products and goods. This amazing company had the unbelievable revenue of 53 Billion Euros by 2010. It had more than 104,400 employees by the year 2015 in Aldi Sud and more than 58,000 in Aldi Nord.

This great company has become an expert in getting their client’s attention by releasing a huge amount of sales and special deals throughout the year. They usually have seasonal sales, holyday sales, and in this article we will be focusing in their weekly sale the current week. This way, you will be able to save tons of money by following these few lines in order to prepare you so the next time you go shopping you will choose Aldi and be able to acquire their amazing products and save some cash at the same time, two birds with one rock. Alright then, let us begin.

First off, we will begin by saying that this week’s sale at Aldi will be focused on foods. As an example, we have the delicious California strawberries at $1.69 per lb. There are also a lot of different fruits on sale like Cantaloupe at only $1.19 per unit, Mangoes at 69c per unit, tomatoes on the vine at the great price of $1.49 per 24-oz package, red grapes at $1.19 per lb. and blueberries at $2.69 per pint.

Regarding meat there is also a large selection. The most popular ones are the Fresh USDA Choice Seasoned Beef Brisket salt and black pepper or Texas BBQ. At only $4.99 per lb. or the Fresh 73% Lean Ground Beef that you can purchase at $1.99 per lb. or the package of 5 lb. at $9.95 which is also a great deal.

Just remember that these are only some of the products that Aldi has to offer this week.