After Installing The New June Security Patch, Users Of Nokia 7 Plus Reports Issues On Android P Beta

  • Users of Nokia 7+, after installing the June security upgrade faces issues
  • The devices examining Android P Beta reports explicitly and confronts the problem The users have to shift back to the older version of Android Oreo 8.1

Some users, after installing the Android’s June security update on their Nokia 7 Plus currently examining the Android P beta have started facing problems on their handsets. The users have resorted to the Community forum of Nokia to report the issues they are now meeting on their handsets after the new Android update. However, no official fix has been announced by the HMD global to help the affected users. These kinds of flaws usually occur if people use a beta version, and therefore companies always advice people to use an official release of an upgrade instead of a beta version. So now to avoid the issue that the users are facing, the users must shift back to the public availability of Android Oreo 8.1 and wait for the official release of security patch from Android.

A group of users who are currently testing the new P beta version of Android on their Nokia 7 Plus device, after installing the June Security Patch are receiving error messages on their devices, according to the reports on the Nokia Community forum. The phone, after the security patch update is not able to use their handset at all as the phone freezes at the boot screen itself, reported few other users. “.com.androidphone stopped working, is the error messaged which was displayed on the screen of users of Nokia 7 Plus after they installed the security patch”, posted by one of the affected users on the online forum.

The June security patch of Android is of 1.3GB size and the installation of the upgrade on the device might be causing a downgrade in the phone’s software back to Oreo 8.1, claims few users. XDA developers contemplates that the installation for the upgrade itself is causing the trouble in the phone and for the apps to force shut as the data is designed for a “newer version of upgrade” the June upgrade arrives with a new update in opposition to the beta build, and therefore the rollback page on the install page of Android P cant be installed, the reports confirmed.

If, however, you are facing any issues after installing the June Security Patch on your Nokia 7 Plus, you can undo this and resolve the issue by restoring your device. To do this, you need to factory reset your device back to the original Android Oreo 8.1 and then install the security update.