Aamir Khan, Likely To Start Working On His Dream Project – Series On Mahabharata

Indian cinema is likely to get one of the most expensive and royal series of movie, which will be one of its kinds. Aamir Khan, who is known to make only one or two exceptional movies every year, has finally taken a step forward towards his dream. The Bollywood actor, in quite a few functions and places, revealed that making a series on Mahabharata was his dream.
As per the latest updates, if to go by the Bollywood buzz, he will start the work on the series after completing his on-going shoot of Thugs of Hindostan.Following the suit of Game of Thrones and Lord of Thrones, Aamir Khan is hoping to reach those standards. This is going to be one of the most expensive films to be made ever, with a budget of around 1000 crore. According to movie industry tracker Ramesh Bala, the series will be co-produced by Mukesh Ambani. Bala tweeted: “After # ThugsOfHindostan, @aamir_khan will start working on a movie series based on #Mahabharat#RIL ‘s #MukeshAmbani to co-produce..This will be mostly in the lines of # TheLordOftheRings, #GameofThrones in-terms of production value..₹ 1000+ Crs Budget for the series..”

Well, Aamir Khan also more than once have spoken about his dream project. He said that this was one of his projects, but the dream is so big that he is almost scared to even think of start making the dream real as he will have to dedicate at least 15-20 years of his life to make it happen. During the promotion of Secret Superstar, the actor had more than once spoken about this project. He also spoke about the character he might play in the series
He said, “My dream project is to make the Mahabharata but I’m afraid of starting the project as I know it will consume at least 15-20 years of my life. My favourite character is Karna, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to play him due to my physique. I may just have to play Krishna. I also liked the character of Arjun. He was the only person who asked Krishna why he had to kill his own people.” At another event, he had stated, “My dream is to make Mahabharata one day, which I have not yet achieved or I haven’t even moved towards it. It’s too scary as a dream, maybe that’s why. It’s a big dream and so let’s see if I can do it one day.”
Well, nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but there have been some rumours about the series. A few days back, one of the Instagram posts of Fatima Sana Khan made it evident that she was reading Mahabharata. However, in wake of the role she might be playing in the Mahabharata series, she deleted the post. Also, the fact that after Thugs of Hindostan, Aamir Khan has not spoken about any other video.Which makes it very much possible that he might be getting series about his dream project.