8 Essential Steps to Write & Format a Business Letter

A business letter is a kind of letter, which is mainly written for different kinds of business purpose. A business letter is mostly used by organizations for communicating with clients, customers, shareholders, investors, etc., in a professional way. In the business letter, it is very essential to use formal language and a specific format. While composing the message, you certainly have to follow all the rules, so it is quite important to know all that when writing it. One of the best solutions is to get samples from bestlettertemplate.com and similar websites, so to see how it should be done. On top of that, it is always good to know some additional guidelines for formal writing. That is the reason why we have come up with some tips and format of writing a business letter for your better understanding.

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Format of writing a Business Letter

In almost all offices, it is usually seen that employee needs to apply for some leave for which it is necessary to write a permission note. During such a condition, it becomes very essential to know how to write a permission letter. The following is a standard format of permission letter:
<Your Name>
<Your Designation>
<Your Company Name>
<Your email ID>
<Your Phone No.>
Date: Date of the day when the letter will be sent in DD/MM/YYYY format
<Name of your Boss from whom you need the permission>
<Designation of your Boss>
<Company Name of your Boss>
<Address of the Company>
Subject: Permission Letter
Dear <First or Last Name of your Supervisor>,
I, Mr. <Your name> working as a <Your Designation> in <Your Company Name> am writing this letter to seek your permission for kindly granting me a full day leave from <Starting Date in DD/MM/YYYY format> to <End Date in DD/MM/YYYY format>. I need to leave for a week as I require going to my home town as my father is sick and is admitted to the hospital. So I will not be able to work for the next seven working days. However, I with return and rejoin my duty as soon as my father gets a little better. Hence, I heartily request you to kindly grant me persimmon for the leave.
Hope you will kindly grant me the leave of absence and oblige me thereby.
Yours Sincerely,

<Your Name>

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Steps for writing the Business Letter

The following are some essential steps for writing the business letter:
1. Sender’s information: When you start a business letter you must remember to write your information at the top left corner of it. Giving your information will help the recipient to know who you are, even without reading the complete letter.
2. Date: After writing the sender’s information, you must specify the date you will send the note. It is recommended to write the date in DD/MM/YYYY format. But remember that the date should be correct.
3. Recipient’s information: Once the date is specified, you have to write the recipient’s information such as their Name, Designation, the organization that they are working in and the address of the company.
4. Subject: In any business, the letter subject plays an important role. With the subject, it becomes possible for the recipient to easily know the cause of writing the note.
5. Use of Proper Salutation: With the help of salutation, you actually address the person to whom you are writing the letter. Hence it is very important to properly use the salutation. Most of the people use common salutation ‘Dear’ or Mr. or Ms. followed by the first and last name of the recipient.
6. Introductory Paragraph: Once you have written the salutation you must begin the introductory paragraph of your business letter. It is always recommended to introduce oneself in the introductory paragraph. It is very essential to keep it straightforward and you must always write it to the point.
7. The body of the letter: After the introductory paragraph, you must proceed to the body. In there, you must write the purpose in a clear and concise manner. You must not use any complex sentence and too many phrase and idioms.
8. Concluding part: Concluding part of the memo is also very important. It is crucial to close the letter very politely and use proper closing terms such as “Sincerely”, “Thanking You”, etc. followed by your name.