How To Suppress Appetite Naturally

When you finally admit to having some excess weight and share it with others, they often play smart and say – then, go on a diet. If you’re reading this article, you must have heard it too many times. It’s easier said than done because any diet and weight loss would go much easier if we knew how to reduce appetite. Dieting is ok, but being constantly hungry is something not a lot of people can cope with.

However, it is more important to know how not to put your health at risk, while losing weight.

If you are currently struggling with some extra weight, your main problem is probably how to reduce your appetite, as was mentioned previously. Most diets more or less involve starvation in order to lose weight. And it can work until the stomach starts with the rebellion.

Then, when the intestines become clogged, and the brain starts thinking about its favorite food, there is a steep decline in the will to endure the diet. It is exactly the time we violate it… all results go to waste.

So, it is smarter to deal with appetite suppression, to reduce it. Less appetite also means less chance of being tempted to chew and break your diet. However, in all this, it is important to learn how to achieve balance. So, you want to know how to reduce appetite, but also not to do any harm to your body.

Let’s take a look at why suppressing appetite is important for weight loss…


The first question to be asked is how does a diet work? Basically, almost every diet has a reduction in daily calorie intake, aiming to control the type of food you eat. Hence, logically, the connection between appetite and diet. If you have a smaller appetite, you will eat less, so your calorie intake will be lower, resulting in weight loss.

It all sounds logical and easy in theory. In practice, however, things are slightly different. When you limit your calorie intake, especially in the beginning, your appetite not only stays the same but also increases. If you consider eating less than what your body is used to, this is the expected consequence.

Another problematic thing is overeating. Excess weight is mostly due to the intake of excessive amounts of food, which then expand the stomach and proportionally increase the appetite. Increased appetite is also associated with a lack of some basic nutrients, such as fiber, but also with stress, fatigue, and many other factors. But to get back to basic nutrients, lack of them is something that can also happen during a diet, which is why a good solution would be to take supplements. Check here for more if you want to learn how these supplements work.

Finally, appetite is something that is both a physical and mental need, so it needs more attention, especially when it comes to how to suppress it.

Here we come to another question – how to suppress it?


We have concluded that suppressing hunger is not a good idea, but we have also concluded there are some natural methods that can be used to suppress it. Of course, choosing to lose weight this way is something that will require more time which might not be the best for those who want to look good as soon as possible. However, it is by far the best option or the healthiest for your health.

Here are some of the suggestions on how to suppress appetite naturally…

1. Eat More Proteins

Few things can provide a feeling of satiety like proteins, so they are a great way to reduce food intake. Proteins control blood sugar levels for longer, which directly controls hunger attacks, especially between meals. In doing so, proteins protect your muscles, which means that by losing weight you will lose only fat deposits and not the muscles that are the strength of your body. Let protein make up 20-30% of your daily calorie intake and your appetite will decrease.

You’ll find them in a variety of foods, but we single out eggs, yogurt, or some of the protein supplements that are a great alternative to a vegan diet.

2. Eat Fiber to reduce appetite


In addition to protein, fiber also provides a feeling of satiety and is a great way to reduce appetite. Scientists claim that fiber expands the stomach, and slows its emptying. Food is digested longer, and appetite is reduced. This means that you will need less food, and you will feel full longer. This way you will lose your appetite and at the same time have enough energy.

3. Coffee

Coffee is not only used to wake you up, but it is also a tactic to reduce your appetite. It affects complicated chemical processes in the body and stimulates the release of peptides produced in the digestive organs. That peptide is exactly what makes us feel full for a long time.

4. Water is your best friend


If you drink water, your appetite will be lower. It is well known among our people that a glass of water before a meal affects how much you will eat. Research agrees and says that water reduces appetite before meals, but also between meals. It works for you on multiple levels. It is a great way to reduce appetite but also how to lose weight. You win anyway.

5. Dark chocolate

Here’s a great way to sweeten up between meals while also reducing your appetite. Whether because of its slightly bitter taste or ingredients, dark chocolate reduces appetite and will especially satisfy your craving for sweets.

These are just some of the natural methods you can use to suppress appetite. We do have one more final piece of advice – eat your breakfast. Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day. Our body needs food after we wake up because it didn’t feed during the night. Eating a solid and nutritious and healthy breakfast helps us feel full longer.