4 Funny Ideas for Your Single Friend – 2024 Guide

There are many moments when we have to surprise our friends and gift them an item. One of the best moments for that is their birthday. However, is purchasing a present an easy thing? Well, it is far away from that.

It doesn’t matter how long you know your friend. Even if you know him for the entire life, getting the perfect present is a tough thing. You were buying him gifts for a long time and now is the moment to come up with something new and unique.

Still, we are not here to analyze every “type” of a friend. In this article, we will provide you with some funny ideas for your single friend. Okay, this will maybe sound to direct, but we need to say it. Single friends are not considering birthdays as special as people that are in a love relationship. The best surprise of all would be to get a gift from your love partner. However, in this case, something like that is not possible.

Well, if you truly want to make your single friend happy, the best thing would be to get him a funny present. We know what you are thinking about now. In this case, men’s sex toys are the first idea that people get. Indeed, we can’t say this is not one of the good ideas that will make him laugh. Despite that, it is a practical gift, isn’t it?

We would want to expand this list a bit more and suggest a couple of more ideas. Let’s find them out together.

Men Sex Toys

Image source: sextoysaver.co.uk

Okay, we will start with the most popular one. It deserves to be in the first place of our list. Your friend doesn’t even need to say anything. You already know that his sex life is not good enough. That’s why men’s sex toys can surprise him a lot. Despite that, it will make him laugh, that’s for sure.

You probably now think only about one thing. Yes, he can use them in his free time. However, this is not the only reason why you should get him men sex toys. They will also remind him that it is the right time to find a girlfriend. This is especially important if he is disappointed in love because of some bad things that happened. We believe that this type of present can motivate him to move forward.

So, which type of men sex toy would be a good choice? Well, this depends on what your friend likes. We won’t give you some direct pieces of advice. We can only tell you to check sextoysave.co.uk for more information.

Personalized Single Gifts

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We are quite sure that your friend is sad because he is single. However, that doesn’t mean he should constantly be nervous because of that. Logically, you are there to give him a valuable piece of advice and support when that’s necessary. Still, it would be a good thing to make some sort of “healthy” joke from it.

Getting a personalized single present would be a great choice. We would want to recommend two items that will work – personalized T-shirts and personalized cups. However, this time, we do not want to say that you should engrave his name or anything like that. We recommend you use a well-known phrase that you can hear and see everywhere – “Forever Alone”.

We assume that your friend drinks a cup of coffee in the morning. It is something that we all do. Well, we suppose that this type of present will make him feel happier every time. Do not worry; it won’t make him sad because it reminds him that he was alone. The cup itself will of his birthday when you were laughing together and had fun.

A personalized T-Shirt with a “Forever Alone” phrase on it can be also a practical gift. Convince your friend to wear it when you go for a walk or in a club. Maybe some girl that has the same problem will see that and it will be interesting to her.

Educational Book

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Okay, you are probably yourself now – “Why would an educational book be a good gift for my single friend?” We are not talking here about history or any other science book. We are talking here about books that will improve his flirting skills. We assume this would be a useful gift but funny at the same time.

Your friend probably hasn’t flirted for a long time. We believe this especially counts when we talk about people that had a bad experience in a previous love relationship. It is not because they were less confident to do that. They simply did not have the desire to do that.

Well, this is the best way to remind him that flirting can be quite a fun activity. When you are not doing something for a longer time, it takes time to get used to it. This especially counts when we talk about the conversation with other women. Single people will a bit under pressure when they tend to that for the first time after a while.

Premium Account on Dating Websites

Image source: techradar.com

If you decide on this move, we are sure that your friend will laugh hard at it. In this way, you will directly give him an option to start chatting and flirting with other single girls. However, let’s be honest with one thing. People that are using dating websites are usually those that have a problem with a lack of confidence. They did not have the luck to find a love partner in-person so they decided on this move.

If your friend was on that group of people, he will start asking himself “Has this moment truly come? Has my love life fallen that much?” Do not worry; this won’t have a bad influence on his mood. Instead, he will realize it is the right time to stop being single and try to meet the love of his life.

Subscribing to a premium account is an affordable gift. We do not want to say that your friend will start using it. Okay, maybe sometimes because it can be entertaining. However, it will change his way of thinking and it will make him laugh for sure. Isn’t this the point of the funny gifts?

So, which funny gift idea seems like the best one for you? We would like to hear you!