Candlelight Romance is Outdated, Now it’s Time for Some Peculiar Ones

Initially, flowers, box of chocolates, candlelight dinner and a red velvet cake used to be the most romantic date ever. This idea has been carried out by a number of couples who claim this scenario to be their best date. But the scenario has changed and couples are now more into handwritten notes, feeding the street dogs or flying in helicopters. They have started respecting each other’s decisions.

You can hear a number of stories which have started via handwritten notes. During our school days or college days we used to give handwritten notes, but gradually it decreases as we think it might seem funny or stupid. But let me tell you one thing, this is the best gift or message that your partner will cherish throughout their life. One such example is a Tarun Yadav and Geetha Srivastav. They are now married, but before marriage, they celebrated their first Valentine’s Day by sending each other a handwritten message via post. They wrote whatever they felt for each other. They both respected each other’s feelings and loved this method of expressing their love towards each other.

Nowadays people have started giving names to their child in a very different manner. During the old times it used to be just a meaningful name. But now, more than being meaningful, it is the love and emotion which are attached with the naming of the child. So, the parents come up with names like love, Juliet, or they even combine their names and give a very sweet name. This is very much prominent in the Bollywood industry.

Some people do not like to celebrate these days; rather they want to do something that will make others happy. Few guys try to make their girlfriend happy by doing things that she likes. One such example is Badri Paaras whose girlfriend id a veterinarian and she doesn’t like to celebrate Valentine’s Day. So, he organized a get-together with his neighbours who had dogs and organized activities for the puppies and the dogs. He himself prepared the menus for the puppies and dogs which was a 3 course meal for them. He cooked the whole food just to impress his girlfriend.

At times people try to recreate the lovely moments spend together.  They try to surprise their partners with gifts which they had given each other on the first meet. If couples think that their love is lost after the marriage, then they should plan, such surprises and events to get back the same charm and love.

All the ideas that are mentioned are a great way of expressing or showing love to your partner.